IMHO, cross-compile/toolchain examples should use non-x86 arches

Robert P. J. Day

a general preference on my part, but i think it would be useful if
any yocto docs that are discussing toolchains or cross-compilation or
the like use *non*-x86 architectures to get the point across.

for example, consider the current application developer's guide.
part of it uses, as an example, the toolchain installer while this works just
fine, of course, what it does is potentially co-mingle both the dev
host content and target host content, making it harder than necessary
for the reader to draw a clear distinction between the two.

if any example related to compilation or a toolchain involves, say,
an *arm* target, then it's *immediately* obvious (using the "file"
command) whether something belongs on the dev host or on the target.

also, if you're using x86 for both dev content and target content,
you run the risk of an example working by accident since you're
picking up natively-installed tools when you shouldn't be. if you use
a non-x86 arch, there's little chance of that happening.

just my $0.02 (Cdn).



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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