Using SRC_URI_append with SOC_FAMILY

Elvis Dowson

I have defined the following variables defined

SOC_FAMILY = virtex-5 in my file, which is included by my virtex-5-ml507-powerpc-440.conf machine configuration file.

I have defined MACHINE=virtex-4-ml507-powerpc-440 in my local.conf file

In my u-boot-xilinx.git recipe, I have defined

FILESPATH = "${@base_set_filespath([ '${FILE_DIRNAME}/${PN}/${SOC_FAMILY}' ], d)}"
COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "(virtex-5|microblaze)"

I will have multiple machine configurations, each of which will use either the virtex-5 or microblaze SOC_FAMILY.

How can I specify SRC_URI_append, so that it appends based on the SOC_FAMILY, rather than the machine configuration.

Setting SRC_URI_append_virtex-5 doesn't work (SOC_FAMILY), since the MACHINE configuration is set to virtex-5-ml507-powerpc-440.

I don't want to end up specifying SRC_URI_append_virtex-5-ml507-powerpc-440, and so forth for each and every MACHINE configuration that is based on a single SOC_FAMILY.

What should I do to achieve the desired results, and optimize the recipe so that it appends patches, based on the SOC_FAMILY, rather than the MACHINE configuraiton.

Best regards,

Elvis Dowson

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