Git tag systematics ?

Wolfgang Denk <wd@...>


can anybody explain to me the systematics of the git tags ysed to mark
the Yocto / Poky releases?

For example, for Yocto 1.2 and before, we have release tags like
denzil-7.0, edison-6.0, bernard-5.0, laverne-4.0, etc.

Some parts of the current 1.3 Yocto release refer to it as "Poky 8.0"
or Version "8.0 Danny", see for example here:

However, there is no such release tag as "danny-8.0".

Instead, there is a tag "1.3" - but there are no similar tags as "1.1"
or "1.2" for the earlier releases?

What is the system in this numbering / tagging?

Releated: is there any document which explains the branch names being
used for development. for example, how can I find out ("officially")
what the branch name for Yocto 1.4 will be / is ?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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