sometimes, the documentation is a bit too verbose and redundant

Robert P. J. Day

a general observation about something i've noticed about the yocto
docs in places. here's an example from the ADT manual, section

"The following example commands download the Poky tarball, set up the
Source Directory, set up the environment while also creating the
default Build Directory, and run the bitbake command that results in
the tarball

$ cd ~
$ mkdir yocto-project
$ cd yocto-project
$ wget
$ tar xjf poky-tbd-8.0.tar.bz2
$ source poky-tbd-8.0/oe-init-build-env
$ bitbake adt-installer"

it would seem that if someone is at this point, it's simply
superfluous to be explaining how to create a new build directory and
download a tarball, and untar it, and source the environment script --
that's just a lot of clutter. the only relevant line there is:

$ bitbake adt-installer

everything above that can be deleted, and the ADT manual can open with
a simple list of prerequisites a reader is expected to understand,
with a link if they don't.




Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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