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I am sending out this email to stimulate some thought or discussion on the use of the term “Yocto” and “The Yocto Project.”


Both terms are used throughout documentation, presentations, blog posts, and in speaking.  The term “The Yocto Project” is actually trademarked by the Linux Foundation.  And it is a reference to the overall effort around Dave Stewart’s group.  Because this term is trademarked its written use needs to be somewhat standardized.  The term “The Yocto Project” should be used whenever referring to the effort as a whole.  It could be used as either a noun or an adjective.  Examples:


·         The Yocto Project is an effort to blah, blah, blah….   (noun)

·         The Yocto Project Community does blah, blah, blah… (adjective)


Official announcements, communications, documentation should always use the term “The Yocto Project” when communicating the whole effort. 


What about “Yocto?”  As in “Yocto” this and “Yocto” that….


In more casual situations such as speaking, blog posts, emails it is natural that the whole effort is going to be referred to as “Yocto.” 


Care should be used when using “Yocto” as an adjective.  What exactly does “Yocto image” mean?   What is a “Yocto kernel?”  What is “Yocto metadata?” 


Just some food for thought here….  Comments and discussion welcome.


Scott Rifenbark

Intel Corporation

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