Re: What is GMAE?

Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@...>

On 12/14/12 1:46 PM, Burton, Ross wrote:
On 14 December 2012 19:43, Tim Bird <tim.bird@...> wrote:
"If you need GMAE, you should use the bitbake meta-toolchain-gmae command. The resulting installation script when run will support such development. However, if you are not concerned with GMAE, you
can generate the toolchain installer using bitbake meta-toolchain."

After googling a bit, I figured out that GMAE stands for Gnome Mobile and Embedded.

It might be good to put this acronym somewhere in the manual.
(I'm still not sure if I need GMAE or not...)
Basically, GMAE means GTK+ 2 and bits of the GNOME stack.

A stealth plan of mine is to remove every trace of GMAE from Yocto.
It was an initiative Poky was involved with back in the OpenedHand
days that didn't really take off, and we're still carrying pieces of
I get this question a lot. With the ability (new in 1.3) to build an SDK based on the contents of any arbitrary image.. the meta-toolchain-gmae is simply not necessary.

bitbake -c populate_sdk <image recipe>


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