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Hi Lukas,

I have interest in a ROS layer for Yocto. We are already using Yocto for your mini robot platforms but with the older player framework and our own framework. Last time I checked ROS they only support cross compiling via a native ROS installation and hide a lot of the compiling and installation process behind their own tools / scripts.

Kind regards,

Am 13.12.2012 09:32, schrieb Lukas Bulwahn:

Hi all,

To my previous question, I have not received any feedback here. If anyone knows someone who might be interested in packaging ROS, please contact us. We're looking for collaborators and users.


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Hi all,

we are interested in setting up a computing platform for our development using Yocto-Linux and the robotic operating system ROS ( We are currently at the very beginning of this
development: As a first step, we want to package ROS for our own needs, but we are open to contribute this to the community if there are others that need this as well.

Has someone in the community already packaged ROS for Yocto? Are there others that also interested in a ROS package for Yocto?

We are happy about any feedback.

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