Re: Could you help to have a look at BUG 660

Saul Wold <saul.wold@...>

On 03/02/2011 05:43 PM, Xu, Dongxiao wrote:
Hi Richard and Saul,

Could you help to have a review of BUG 660?

BUG 660 is about missing kernel firmware in poky-image-minimal.

As from most of the machine configuration files in current poky, including
igep0030.conf, "kernel-modules" and "linux-firmware-sd8686" are part of

MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS = " kernel-modules linux-firmware-sd8686"

However for poky-image-minimal, only "MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS" is
included. If the kernel module and firmware files are indeed necessary for
successful boot, we can add them into minimal image.

Any comment on that?


It seems that the igep machines have been moved to meta-extras now, which is the place for machines that are being depreciated. If the bug
is just against igep then we can close this, if there is a more general situation, then firmware files that are required to boot need to be moved to the MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMEDS as that would be the right place.

If you want to fix the meta-extra/igep you can add the MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRCOOMENTS instead of MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMEDS?


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