Re: [Draft] From Bitbake Hello World To an Image

Eren Türkay <eren@...>

On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 05:26:29PM -0500, Trevor Woerner wrote:
I'm not sure if there's something about my system that is different
than what you expect, but I had to delete my 'tmp' folder before
invoking './bin/bitbake firstrecipe -vDD' after inheriting the
"autotool" versions in order to get the new, overridden tasks to run
(since there's no 'clean' tasks).
Thank you for your feedback. I am glad you like it.

You are right that 'tmp' directory needs to be removed after changing
the recipe (adding inherit, or removing it). I guess we are hitting
bitbake cache. Since clean tasks don't exist, 'tmp' needs to be removed
to make changes take effect.

I must have removed 'tmp' and missed adding it while writing. I will add
the explanation.


. 73! DE TA1AET

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