Re: should users be able to run yocto's pre-built images standalone?

Robert P. J. Day

On Tue, 11 Dec 2012, Rudolf Streif wrote:

Hi Robert,

a basic question -- is it supported that users be able to download and
run yocto's pre-built QEMU images without having to download an entire
build system, and set up bitbake, etc?  theoretically, of course, it
can be done, but it's not set up to do it conveniently (if it even
should be).

IMHO that is exactly what the ADT installer does. OK, it could use
some enhancements but it lets you specify what pre-built images you
would like to use and sets it up, including QEMU and the related
ok, i haven't poked around there yet, i'll look at that later.

  first, one can't get yocto's qemu-related utilities without
downloading either oe-core or a toolchain.  is that really necessary?
how hard would it be to break out the QEMU stuff into a much smaller
tarball if that's all people want?

I think you want at least QEMU, the scripts, the user-space NFS
server and the cross-toolchain. Quite frankly, what do you really do
with just QEMU, scripts and images? Either you want to build your
own images then you need Poky (the build system) or you want to do
user-space development then you need images and a cross-toolchain.
Just booting an image into QEMU seems quite boring to me. 
good point ... i originally envisioned someone perhaps wanting to do
nothing more than just downloading and running the pre-built images to
see what all the fuss was about. if that's really not considered a
useful example, i'll forget about it.

  and if that's done, certainly, the help messages from runqemu can be
updated, since those utilities clearly assume they're running as part
of a build infrastructure when that's not necessary.

Fair enough, but if you could provide more details outlining what
the error message said, what the root cause of the problem was, and
what you think the error message should say, it would really help
the developers to make the improvements. Unless you are inclined to
rummage through the code, fix it and submit patches.
ah, that i can provide. in the runqemu usage message, you see the

$MYNAME qemux86-64 core-image-sato ext3"

but that assumes you're in a build directory. of course, using the
adt-installer as you suggested might make all this moot.



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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