might it be worth explaining BBMASK more comprehensively?

Robert P. J. Day

a bit more pedantry, but is there a more complete example of the use
of BBMASK than the trivial example in the ref and dev manuals?

the ref manual provides this example by way of explanation:

BBMASK = ".*/meta-ti/recipes-misc/"

well, ok, except you occasinally find slight variations like:

BBMASK = "meta-ti/recipes-misc/"


BBMASK = "meta-ti/recipes-misc"

given that there are places where a trailing slash is significant,
are all of the above exactly equivalent? if so, that's worth noting.

also, what about an example showing masking out a couple
directories, or perhaps a single recipe from a layer, and so on? at
the moment, the manuals suggest you can mask multiple recipes but
nowhere do i see the reader being given an actual example of how to do



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