Re: Disabling PREMIRRORS and upstream sources

Rifenbark, Scott M <scott.m.rifenbark@...>

If this is something we would not encourage in a published recipe, then it is questionable as to documenting this simple way. Or, perhaps, document it with the caveat that it is not something you would normally do?


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On Wednesday 12 December 2012 11:32:39 Jon Szymaniak wrote:
Just to make sure I'm understanding this... so when I place PREMIRRORS
= ""
in a recipe, I see that it doesn't affect the associated variables in

Is this because I'm inherently setting up PREMIRRORS_${PN}, which is
initialized with the PREMIRROR defaults (and what was appended and
prepended in the local.conf)?
When you set a variable within a recipe it's setting it just within the
context of that recipe, so there's no way for it to affect other

I'm also guessing that touching PREMIRRORS and MIRRORS within recipes
is generally a bad practice. I'd be curious to hear if my use case
sounds totally
wacky, as I'm still very much getting up to speed on Yocto/OE and best
I guess it's not unreasonable to want to avoid touching anything
external when
building something internal; but you're right as a general practice this
something we would not do in published recipes.



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