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On 12/12/12 6:07 AM, Tim Coote wrote:
ok. Thanks.

just spotted the split between rpm / rpm5 and yum. I suppose that the knock on is managing multiple repos for different update managers.

don't suppose you know if there are material differences from a packaging/dependency point of view between rpm4 and rpm5?
Generated packages are more or less compatible. The only big difference is that all RPM5 packages are 'self-signed' to integrity purposes. Self-signing is better then simply md5sums. (They of course can also be signed with a specific key to indicate trust as well.)

But the primary difference is in cross compiling and support for the activities that we need when cross-constructing root filesystems and such. There is also an aspect of 'control' behind this. We have input into the RPM5 development, in RPM4 we have absolutely no influence and they have removed everything that helped in a cross-compiled environment after the split.

is there an eta for smart in the mainstream core?
Hopefully the next version of the integration patches should be sent up today. We're really trying to get the code in by next week.


On 12 Dec 2012, at 11:43, "Burton, Ross" <> wrote:

On 12 December 2012 11:31, Tim Coote <> wrote:
Am I right in thinking that yum isn't in the standard recipes?
Yum, no. Zypper is in oe-core and is used when you construct a RPM-based image.

(note that Zypper is being replaced by Smart in oe-core master)

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