Re: Disabling PREMIRRORS and upstream sources

Jon Szymaniak <jon.szymaniak@...>

From: [mailto:yocto-] On Behalf Of Jon Szymaniak
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2012 7:19 AM
Subject: [yocto] Disabling PREMIRRORS and upstream sources

Is there a simple way to disable the use of PREMIRRORS and MIRRORS
within a recipe?

(Perhaps the answer here might be worth mentioning in Section 12.23 of
Poky Reference Manual?)

My use case for this is the situation where the code hasn't been
released yet,
so there's no point in checking mirrors.

Thank you,

Isn't this set up in the local.conf file for global use?
In the manual I see that there are indeed global options, configured via

However, I'm wondering if there's a way to denote that PREMIRRORS and MIRRORS
should not be used for a *specific recipe* (i.e., only attempt to fetch via
what's provided in SRC_URI, and still use the mirrors for other recipes).

Perhaps this is a wacky thing to want to do. I just figured there's no sense
in hitting all those 404's if I know the code associated with a specific
recipe isn't on any of the standard mirrors.

Also, Jon, what documentation
are you referring to here? Are you looking at the latest Yocto Project
documentation (e.g.
for the Yocto Project Reference Manual?).
I think I may have actually been looking at an old manual version, but yes,
that'd the documentation I was referring to. It seemed that 12.23, "How does
the OpenEmbedded build system obtain source code..." seemed the most relevant
to my question.


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