Notes from March 1st Yocto Release Tracking Meeting

Fleischer, Julie N <julie.n.fleischer@...>

Here are the notes from the March 1st Yocto Release Tracking meeting.
- Julie

Attendees: Dave, Saul, Julie, Mark, Darren, Beth, Jeff P., Jessica, Joshua, Jeff O., Tom, Richard

1) New Introductions (See for those already introduced)
Jeff Osier-Mixon (Jefro) - Yocto Community Manager

2) Review Yocto 1.0 Release Criteria
See for updates

Darren noted that Beagleboard XM will be enhanced with video for the demo (bugzilla report exists to add this). Some people at Wind River may help.

3) Opens/Risks
Mark gave some status on Open Embedded: As Richard noted, he will split Yocto into meta-yocto and OE Core. OE Core will be moved under the control of OE steering committee.

Note to developers: If you are updating software, you need to send patch to OE group if code is under OE Core (follow their rules). If you are updating software in meta-yocto, send it to the Yocto mailing list. If in doubt, code goes into Yocto meta-layer. Richard is assigning what is OE Core vs. meta-yocto right now.

We discussed that it would be useful to document submission requirements for Yocto. OE Core has a separate bugzilla, but they are shutting it down. Richard's vision is to use Yocto bugzilla for OE Core and meta-yocto issues to have one central repository.

Julie Fleischer
Open Source Technology Center
Intel Corporation

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