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Am Mi, 12/05/2012 19:17, hat Philip Balister <philip@...> geschrieben:
On 12/05/2012 05:21 AM, Andreas Schweigstill wrote:
meta-zynq/recipes-kernel-linux-zynq contains the following lines:

How can I force Yocto to build kernel 3.5-xilinx?
Urg, I'll have to take a look at that.
After changing the order of BBLAYERS in build/conf/local.conf to meta, meta-zynq,
meta-yocto, meta-yocto-bsp and using Hob to select MACHINE=zynq-zc702,
base image=zc702-proto-image everything works fine. Now I get a proper toolchain
for Cortex A9 and a kernel named zynq-zc702 3.5.0-14.3-build1-yocto-standard
which is properly running on my ZC702 board.

Also, you'll need an updated fsbl in the BOOT.BIN file to work with the
later kernels. We should probably post one somewhere, although I wish
the fsbl license was a little less restrictive.
I haven't built a BOOT.BIN file with Yocto based U-Boot yet. Instead I'm using
U-Boot from Petalinux 12.9 which is configured to use the QSPI Flash to store its

Currently I boot from QSPI Flash, load kernel und DTB files via TFTP and use a
root filesystem stored on a SD card. ;-)

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