Re: IMAGE_INSTALL_append workflow

Eren Türkay <eren@...>

On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 08:40:26AM -0500, Trevor Woerner wrote:
Thank you, Eric, for the confirmation.

Just to clarify for anyone following along: the problem isn't with
bash or trace-cmd themselves. If I perform the same steps but use
'bash' first, then 'trace-cmd', adding 'bash' succeeds but later
adding 'trace-cmd' causes 'trace-cmd' to fail in the same way 'bash'
did when it was added second.
Since it's confirmed from different people, I think it would be better to report
it using bugzilla. I guess that it's not an intended behaviour/feature of
bitbake. Please inform the bug number so that anyone who is interested can

. 73! DE TA1AET

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