Re: Best way to support multiple versions of Poky?

Anders Darander

* Burton, Ross <ross.burton@...> [121126 14:58]:

On 26 November 2012 13:55, Jerrod Peach <peachj@...> wrote:
build-bundle (git repo with our layers + tools)
+-- meta-ourstuff (git submodule, i.e. separate repo locked to a specific
version within build-bundle)
+-- poky (another submodule)
+-- poky BB files (i.e. within meta, meta-yocto, etc.)
Guacamayo does something similar, although meta-outstuff isn't a
submodule of build-bundle.
At ChargeStorm we're using a similar scheme to Guacamayo, i.e. we have
our repo with our recipes, bsp's, distro config etc. in our own
meta-*-directories. And the we have oe-core, meta-oe, and/or poky and
whatever layers we're using as submodules.

Being able to branch a "next" branch that switched the poky revision
to the danny RC instead of denzil was very convenient.
Indeed, and also to be able to create a next branch halfway between
denzil and danny, to be able to port / adapt some recipe that required
bigger changes at about the same time those occured in poky-master (or
oe-core master).

Thus, I'm pretty satisfied with our structure for the moment, though
everything can be improved.


Anders Darander
ChargeStorm AB / eStorm AB

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