some questions when writing recipes

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Dear all,
    I'm learning how to write a recipe recently and I wrote a recipe to build a package from source code.And now I want to add an function to the recipe to make it just unpack the binary and libraries which generated from source code.It seems like the functions "make from src" and "make from extract binaries" in Makefiles.But then I am faced with a question is that how do I tell some recipes to build from src and some just to unpack binaries.
     For example,package C depends on A and B.I bitbake C ,but I want to build A from src code which means do a list of tasks like do_compile,do_install.Meanwhile I want to build B just from binaries which means only unpack the binaries and libraries to the right directory.So is there any good solutions when all wrote in one recipe? Another question is that can I pass a parameter to bitbake using the command like "bitbake C parameter" ?
Best wishes!

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