Re: IMAGE_INSTALL_append workflow

Eren Türkay <eren@...>

On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 10:47:31AM -0500, Trevor Woerner wrote:
I'm kinda surprised nobody jumped in on this one; either my question
is so silly it isn't worth anyone's time, or I'm the only one who
wants to add packages to an image after a full build. I know my
question has nothing to do with trace-cmd specifically, adding any
package after a full build results in the same problem.
I don't think you are the first person who wants to add a package to image after
the image has been built :)

The obvious problem would have been leading spaces in IMAGE_INSTALL_append but
you explicitly stated its correct. Normally, the class that's responsible for
image creation (image.bbclass) depends on the packages defined in IMAGE_INSTALL
so that the packages are built before the image creation begins.

image.bbclass, line 9

On irc (#oe), Eric Benard tried IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " trace-cmd" after a full
build and reported that it built fine. I'm CCing him.

I believe that it will be better to include your <image> file and the files that
you changed so that it will be easier to debug. Mentioning your layers,
configuration, version of Yocto you use will also be helpful.


. 73! DE TA1AET

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