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Dear Paul,

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if you're on an allegedly supported distro, and you do an upgrade,
it's entirely possible that one of those bits of software gets
upgraded in a way that breaks OE/yocto, and by using ASSUME_PROVIDED,
you'll automatically start using that newer utility. or is the list
of supported distros specifically only those installed out of the box
and never updated? if that's the case, then, yes, i agree with your
That's why we test specific versions of distributions, and with the Poky distro
config we warn the user if the distro/distro version is untested. It's rare
that you get that kind of breakage between major versions; if there were then
other applications are likely to be affected so it would be considered a
regression in that distro.
But of course there have always been, and will always be, such
regressions. Just look at Fedora 17 (one of the supported versions of
distributions), if one of the updates pulls in git version
and suddenly all git downloads using HTTP protocol will fail for you
(due to bug 865692, see

Actually it may make a lot of sense for certain configurations to
bootstrap more tools from a known version of the sources.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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