Re: Cloning yocto repos over https

Michael Halstead

On 10/16/2012 09:44 AM, Evade Flow wrote:
Is there a way to clone yocto repositories (say, poky) over https?
I just announced that repositories are available from via http. I didn't mention it but clones via https
will work equally well if that is preferable.

As Paul mentioned, there is work in progress to make it possible to clone
yocto repos over http. This should be finished in the very near future, but in
the meantime, I've created some (very) unofficial mirrors here:

I have a script running that syncs all of these every 15 minutes or so.
Perhaps this will help you until the official HTTP access is available. (Just
be advised: I plan to delete these mirrors when they are no longer
The github mirrors shouldn't be needed any longer. Please tell me if
there is anything more needed on this front.

Michael Halstead
Yocto Project / Sys Admin

On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 6:50 AM, Paul Eggleton
<paul.eggleton@...> wrote:
On Friday 11 May 2012 09:35:30 Chin Huat Ang wrote:
Is there a way to clone yocto repositories (say, poky) over https?

I'm behind a firewall where git port is blocked, getting it opened is a
bureaucracy nightmare.
Sorry, it's taken us a while to look into this but we have opened a bug to
track it - you may wish to add yourself to the CC list:



Paul Eggleton
Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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