Re: Bringing in recipes from OE

Chris Tapp

On 18 Feb 2011, at 02:18, Cui, Dexuan wrote:

In poky, to install a package into target image, we have to make poky Runtime DEPEND on the package.
e.g., we can change meta/recipes-gnome/tasks/'s SDK-EXTRAS to
SDK-EXTRAS ?= "libsdl", in this way, we can see ( "->" means "depends on")
meta-toolchain-gmae -> task-poky-standalone-gmae-sdk-target -> libsdl, so libsdl will be built into target image when we do "bitbake meta-toolchain-gmae" (BTW, previously meta-toolchain-gmae was called meta-toolchain-sdk).

Similarily, if we want to build libsdl into the target image when doing "bitbake poky-image-sato-sdk", we may want to add libsdl into RDEPENDS_task-poky-sdk in meta/recipes-core/tasks/
Thanks, that makes it clear.

BTW, could you please reply mail to all? We encourage asking and answering openly in poky/yocto mailing lists. :-)
Will do. I just keep forgetting that this list doesn't have 'reply to' set to the list - nearly did it again for this reply !


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