The status for LSB Test (2011-02-14 --- 2011-02-18)

Xiaofeng Yan <xiaofeng.yan@...>

Hi All,

 We have filled the newest list on the next Table-1 and made a  preliminary draft or plan according the meeting with Intel Thursday . If you have good suggestions, I will add your ideas to plan for Yocto 1.0 LSB Test.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Table-1    The status for lsb test
LSB Test Suite Version Result Left work May/Days Start Date Finish Date Status Completed Percentage Defects filed Developer Risk/Issue
Cpp-T2C Tests 4.0.2-1 Passed submit 2 2010-12-20 2010-12-21 In Progress 90%
Jingdong Lu
Libstdc++ Tests 4.1.0-7 Passed submit 3 2010-12-22 2010-12-24 In Progress 90%
Jingdong Lu
Perl Tests 4.0.7-1 Passed None 2 2010-12-27 2010-12-28 Done 100%
Jingdong Lu
Python Runtime Tests 4.0.2-1 Passed submit 3 2010-12-29 2010-12-31 In Progress 90% Bug 614(Open) Jingdong Lu
Python Tests 2.4.5-2 Passed submit 0

In Progress 90%
Jingdong Lu
OLVER Core Tests
Passed submit 6 2011-1-4 2011-1-11 In Progress 90%
Jingdong Lu
Command Check 4.0.0-2 Passed LSB 3 2011-1-12 2011-1-14 In Progress 90% BUG 520(Closed) Jingdong Lu
Tcl Tests 8.5.7-6 Passed None 5 2011-1-17 2011-1-21 Done 100%
Jingdong Lu
Library Check 4.0.2-1 Failures: 2 qt3 5 2011-1-12 2011-1-18 In Progress 80%
Jingdong Lu Query if we need to handle any QT3 issues

Desktop Tests
Passed submit 4 2010-12-20 2010-12-29 In Progress 90% BUG 567(Closed)
BUG 569(Closed)
BUG 570(Closed)
Xiaofeng Yan
Desktop-T2C Tests 4.0.2-1 Failures: 1 LSB 4 2010-12-20 2010-12-29 Block 90% BUG 571(Accepted) Xiaofeng Yan Test suite led to these failed items.
Qt4-Azov Tests 4.0.2-1 Failures:3 LSB 4 2010-12-30 2011-1-5 Block 90%
Xiaofeng Yan Test suite led to these failed items.
Xts5 Tests 5.1.5-19 Passed submit 5 2011-1-6 2010-1-12 In Progress 90%
Xiaofeng Yan
Core Tests 4.0.5-1 Failures: 16 LSB 5 2011-1-19 2011-1-25 Block 90%
Xiaofeng Yan
Jingdong Lu
Test suite led to these failed items:
Some bugs related to hardware:
/tset/LSB.os/ioprim/readv_L/T.readv_L 24
/tset/LSB.os/ioprim/writev_L/T.writev_L 30
/tset/LSB.os/libm/fpeDivZero/T.fpeDivZero 2
Qt3-Azov Tests 4.0.2-1 Passed None 4 2011-2-14 2011-2-17 Done 100%
Xiaofeng Yan
LSB Test Suite


Done 100%
Xiaofeng Yan

X86_32 LSB Finish Date 2011-2-17

Re-test on X86_64 & ppc Finish Date 2011-3-11

Yocto M3 Stabilize Finish Date 2011-2-11

Tested on: (self built LSB image)

The work for lsb test has finished by now . We are pruning file which contains many unnecessary packages.

Now there aren't still a clear ideas about what should do in Yocto 1.0 for lsb test. We think we should get the next object in Yocto 1.0 for LSB test.

                                                                       Table-2: LSB Test Plan

Target Platfrom


Start Time

Qemu (x86_64,arm,ppc)

Wind River


Wind River



Tester can report bugs from lsb test to bugzilla and we will solve it as soon as possible. If all test results are same as qeme x86, then we think that we achieve Yocto 1.0's aim. If you have better proposal, Please inform us and we can modified our goal according to your proposal. Perhaps your plan is better and suit Yocto 1.0 LSB test better.

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