Re: [poky] autobuilders in flux today.

Cui, Dexuan <dexuan.cui@...>

Hi Beth,
Looks autobuilder is still unstable?
I found the following issues.
Actually due to the 3rd failure(./poky-init-build-env: No such file or directory), almost all the builds failed...
Could you please have a look?

Copying RPM feed output failed: Error: tmp/deploy/rpm does not exist, cannot copy!

Generating Poky release tarball failed: fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

Building qemux86-64 meta-toolchain-sdk failed:
/home/pokybuild/poky-autobuilder/scripts/poky-autobuild: line 35: ./poky-init-build-env: No such file or directory
/home/pokybuild/poky-autobuilder/scripts/poky-autobuild: line 80: bitbake: command not found

-- Dexuan

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I came in this morning to 140 zombies and a build that was choking on builder2. I'm rebooting the server right now. Just
an FYI, this is a relatively recent development (last night there were 17 zombies). Not sure what is going on but I'll
keep everyone informed.

All that said, the autobuilders will be in flux today while I bring builder3 online. Please don't kick off anything vital.


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