Re: Media Network Demo: Black Sand and Netbook

Joshua Lock <joshua.lock@...>

On Thu, 2010-10-21 at 15:44 -0700, Darren Hart wrote:
I build mediatomb and rygel live atom-pc images from today's poky/master
+ meta-demo/master. I booted mediatomb on the BlackSand and rygel on the
netbook. I had to manually start the rygel renderer on the netbook. I
didn't see gupnp-av-cp on the rygel image as I expected and the
gupnp-universal-cp command failed to start on the netbook (via a sato
terminal) complaining about missing icons. If I tried to stabrt this
over an ssh - connection, the gupnp-universal-cp started fine (strange).
Hmm, I've commits to fix both of those issues in meta-demo master since
at least yesterday morning.b

I could run gupnp-av-cp from my laptop (Ubuntu 10.10) and play music
from mediatomb on the rygel renderer. (YAY)

What I'd like to see is for gupnp-av-cp to start automatically after the
sato desktop loads on each renderer. This would make each renderer a
standalone player.

So, it's functional (awesome!) and I see these ARs as pending for the
demo images:

[ ] add gupnp-av-cp to the rygel image
Already done
[ ] start rygel on boot (after networking)
I'll take this AR
[ ] start gupnp-av-cp after the sato desktop loads on the rygel image
I'll take this AR too
[ ] setup networking on each of the non-nas images to dhcp on eth0

With the above, each image should boot to a functional state with no
manual interference required.

How much of the above is already planned and how much do we need to get
an owner for?
I'll handle the Rygel and gupnp-av-cp ones, they where already on my
list :-)

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