Yocto Project 3.1.12 (hardknott-23.0.12) is Released

Lee Chee Yang



We are pleased to announce the Yocto Project 3.1.12 (dunfell-23.0.12) Release is now available for download.





A gpg signed version of these release notes is available at:




Full Test Report:




Thank you for everyone's contributions to this release.


Chee Yang Lee chee.yang.lee@...

Yocto Project Build and Release


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yocto-3.1.12 Release Notes

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Repository Name: poky

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/git/poky

Branch: dunfell

Tag: yocto-3.1.12

Git Revision: 0839888394a6e42e96f9f0d201376eb38bc79b24

Release Artefact: poky-dunfell-23.0.12

sha: 6d8c70cb17100d6dd5056b8dcae7027833c8f9a53006fd5b651bf9a56494eb01

Download Locations:




Repository Name: openembedded-core

Repository Location: https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core

Branch: dunfell

Tag: yocto-3.1.12

Git Revision: 44b1970c40e9d73f6e63fb10cdc55837a26f5921

Release Artefact: oecore-dunfell-23.0.12

sha: 2ddef2bbcd156c971b6ce8a05eee64ddc51237d9ad2e17186d8afb840c31e7f9

Download Locations:




Repository Name: meta-mingw

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/git/meta-mingw

Branch: dunfell

Tag: yocto-3.1.12

Git Revision: 524de686205b5d6736661d4532f5f98fee8589b7

Release Artefact: meta-mingw-dunfell-23.0.12

sha: 7a3e2f9922d9677c2357221d00f0e92a54feb7170f5df079527be9654d61b869

Download Locations:




Repository Name: meta-gplv2

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/git/meta-gplv2

Branch: dunfell

Tag: yocto-3.1.12

Git Revision: 60b251c25ba87e946a0ca4cdc8d17b1cb09292ac

Release Artefact: meta-gplv2-dunfell-23.0.12

sha: b6e4f8d9270849154f37db1c5b64febc5339f421caae877efbe6c32873307aa3

Download Locations:




Repository Name: bitbake

Repository Location: https://git.openembedded.org/bitbake

Branch: dunfell

Tag: yocto-3.1.12

Git Revision: c0348de8121c3a842bf44906f7e2f79e93f7275b

Release Artefact: bitbake-dunfell-23.0.12

sha: d87dd125bb9715ccc259d1ecbc8278a1ed48c3f834eee9bcdb569e7c296e9d2d

Download Locations:




Repository Name: yocto-docs

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/git/yocto-docs

Branch: dunfell

Tag: yocto-3.1.12

Git Revision: f1cd4d8ae58037609556de51b33a4dbeab7f45ff


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Alexander Kanavin

Alexandre Belloni

Andrej Valek

Armin Kuster

Bruce Ashfield

Chandana kalluri

Chris Laplante

Christian Eggers

Claudius Heine

Daniel McGregor

Hongxu Jia

Jon Mason

Jose Quaresma

Joshua Watt

Justin Bronder

Kai Kang

Khem Raj

Marco Felsch

Marek Vasut

Mark Hatle

Markus Volk

Michael Halstead

Mike Crowe

Mingli Yu

Minjae Kim

Oleksandr Kravchuk

Pavel Zhukov

Ralph Siemsen

Ranjitsinh Rathod

Richard Purdie

Robert P. J. Day

Ross Burton

Sakib Sajal


Stefano Babic

Steve Sakoman

Teoh Jay Shen

Tom Pollard

Visa Hankala

Wang Mingyu

William A. Kennington III

sana kazi


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Known Issues

- ---------------

Bug 14622 - bsps-hw.bsps-hw.Test_Seek_bar_and_volume_control manual test case failure


- ---------------

Security Fixes

- ---------------

curl: Whitelist CVE-2021-22897

ffmpeg: Add fix for CVEs

openssh: Fix CVE-2021-28041

vim: fix CVE-2021-3778

vim: Backport fix for CVE-2021-3770

tar: ignore node-tar CVEs

squashfs-tools: fix CVE-2021-40153

nettle: Security fix for CVE-2021-20305

curl: Fix CVE-2021-22946 and CVE-2021-22947, whitelist CVE-2021-22945

nettle: Security fix for CVE-2021-3580

qemu: fix CVE-2021-3682

qemu: Security fix for CVE-2020-28916

qemu: Security fix for CVE-2020-27617

qemu: Security fix CVE-2020-12829

libsndfile: Security fix for CVE-2021-3246

apr: Security fix for CVE-2021-35940

libgcrypt: Security fix CVE-2021-33560



- ---------------


- ---------------

connman: add CVE_PRODUCT

tar: filter CVEs using vendor name

build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revision

mirrors: Add kernel.org sources mirror for downloads.yoctoproject.org

selftest/reproducible: add webkitgtk back to exclusion list for dunfell

reproducible_build: Remove BUILD_REPRODUCIBLE_BINARIES checking

sstate: Avoid deploy_source_date_epoch sstate when unneeded

sstate: Ensure SDE is accounted for in package task timestamps

sstate: another fix for touching files inside pseudo

mirrors: Add uninative mirror on kernel.org

piglit: upgrade to latest revision

pseudo: Add fcntl64 wrapper

pseudo: Add in ability to flush database with shutdown request

linunistring: Add missing gperf-native dependency

python3-magic: add missing DEPENDS

python3-magic: add the missing rdepends

webkitgtk: Fix reproducibility in minibrowser

oeqa: reproducible: Fix test not producing diffs

documentation: prepare for 3.1.12 release

ref-system-requirements.rst: Add Fedora 34 to list of supported distros

ref-system-requirements.rst: Add Debian 11 to list of supported distros

poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.12 release

bitbake: fetch/wget: Add timeout for checkstatus calls (30s)

meta/scripts: Manual git url branch additions

meta: Add explict branch to git SRC_URIs, handle github url changes

scripts/convert-srcuri: Backport SRC_URI conversion script from master branch

bitbake: tests/fetch: Update pcre.org address after github changes

bitbake: tests/fetch: Update github urls

bitbake: tests/fetch2: Fix quoting warning

bitbake: fetch/git: Handle github dropping git:// support

tzdata: update to 2021e

ca-certificates: update 20210119 -> 20211016

wireless-regdb: upgrade to 2021.08.28

linux-firmware: upgrade to 20210919

git: Fix determinism issue

stress-ng: improve reproducibility

stress-ng: convert to git, website is down

waffle: old website is down, update to new project URLs

mirrors.bbclass: remove dead infozip mirrors

oeqa/runtime/parselogs: modified drm error in common errors list

oeqa/runtime: search sys.path explicitly for modules

oeqa/runtime: load modules using importlib

testimage: fix unclosed testdata file

reproducible_build: Drop obsolete sstate workaround

oe/utils: log exceptions in ThreadedWorker functions

license.bbclass: implement ast.NodeVisitor.visit_Constant

oe/license: implement ast.NodeVisitor.visit_Constant

bitbake.conf: Add gpg-agent as a host tool

base: Use repr() for printing exceptions

base: Clean up unneeded len() calls

sstate: don't silently handle all exceptions in sstate_checkhashes

devtool: fix modify with patches in override directories

sstate: fix touching files inside pseudo

vim: fix 2021-3796

poky.yaml: fedora33: add missing pkgs

selftest/reproducible: adjust exclusion list for dunfell

classes/reproducible_build: Use atomic rename for SDE file

reproducible_build: Work around caching issues

rpm: Deterministically set vendor macro entry

poky.conf: Add debian 11 as a supported distro

poky.conf: Add fedora 34 as a supported distro

uninative: Upgrade to 3.4

target/ssh.py: add HostKeyAlgorithms option to test commands

python3: Add a fix for a make install race

libnewt: Use python3targetconfig to fix reproducibility issue

libxml2: Use python3targetconfig to fix reproducibility issue

externalsrc: Fix a source date epoch race in reproducible builds

externalsrc: Work with reproducible_build

gobject-introspection: Don't write $HOME into scripts

libtool: Allow libtool-cross to reproduce

libtool: Fix lto option passing for reproducible builds

util-linux: Fix reproducibility

gnupg: Be deterministic about sendmail

mesa: Ensure megadrivers runtime mappings are deterministic

package: Ensure pclist files are deterministic and don't use full paths

uninative: Upgrade to 3.3, support glibc 2.34

uninative: Improve glob to handle glibc 2.34

nativesdk-pseudo: Fix to work with glibc 2.34 systems

pseudo: Update with fcntl and glibc 2.34 fixes

pseudo: Fix to work with glibc 2.34 systems

util-linux: disable raw

gpgme: Use glibc provided closefrom API when available

m4: Do not use SIGSTKSZ

gcc: fix missing dependencies for selftests

libpsl: Add config knobs for runtime/builtin conversion choices

patch.bbclass: when the patch fails show more info on the fatal error

oeqa/selftest/sstatetests: fix typo ware -> were

rng-tools: add systemd-udev-settle wants to service

scriptutils.py: Add check before deleting path

binutils: Fix a missing break in case statement

oeqa/manual: Fix no longer valid URLs

multilib: Avoid sysroot race issues when multilib enabled

weston: Use systemd notify,

e2fsprogs: upgrade to 1.45.7

linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.153

bitbake: fetch2/git: Use os.rename instead of mv

bitbake: fetch2/git: Avoid races over mirror tarball creation

bitbake: hashserv: let asyncio discover the running loop

bitbake: bitbake: correct deprecation warning in process.py

bitbake: bitbake: adjust parser error check for python 3.10 compatibility

bitbake: bitbake: do not import imp in layerindexlib

bitbake: bitbake: fix regexp deprecation warnings

bitbake: bitbake: correct the collections vs collections.abc deprecation

bitbake: compat.py: remove file since it no longer actually implements anything

bitbake: test/fetch: Update urls to match upstream branch name changes

glew: Stop polluting /tmp during builds

oeqa/buildproject: Ensure temp directories are cleaned up

oeqa/selftest/gotoolchain: Fix temp file cleanup

rm_work.bbclass: Fix for files starting with -

libc_package/buildstats: Fix python regex quoting warnings

oeqa/qemurunner: Use oe._exit(), not sys.exit()

pybootchart: Avoid divide by zero

libsamplerate0: Set correct soname for 0.1.9

bzip2: Update soname for libbz2 1.0.8

common-licenses: add "Unlicense" license file

systemd: Add fix for systemd-networkd crash during free

mtd-utils: upgrade to 2.1.3

bitbake: build/msg: Cleanup verbose option handling

bitbake: cookerdata: Show a readable error for invalid multiconfig name

bitbake: bitbake-worker: Improve error handling

bitbake: cookerdata: Show error for no BBLAYERS in bblayers.conf

bitbake: cookerdata: Improve missing core layer error message

bitbake: data_smart: Improve error display for handled exceptions

bitbake: build: Catch and error upon circular task references

bitbake: build: Avoid duplicating logs in verbose mode

bitbake: process: Don't include logs in error message if piping them

bitbake: build: Handle SystemExit in python tasks correctly

bitbake: build: Match markup to real function name

bitbake: bitbake: bitbake-layers: add skip reason to output

bitbake: ui/taskexp: Fix to work with empty build directories

bitbake: ui/taskexp: Improve startup exception handling

bitbake: server: Fix early parsing errors preventing zombie bitbake

libsoup-2.4: remove obsolete intltool dependency

testimage: symlink the task log and qemu console log to tmp/log/oeqa

wic: keep rootfs_size as integer

core-image-sato: Fix runqemu error for qemuarmv5

Update mailing list address

bash: Ensure deterministic build

useradd: Ensure preinst data is expanded correctly in pkgdata

rpm: Handle proper return value to avoid major issues

iputils: Fix regression of arp table update

bitbake: tests/fetch2: Use our own git server for dtc test repo