[YOCTO] [Announcement] meta-intel/meta-isg/meta-valleyisland release for dylan-9.0.2 (yocto-1.4.2)

Ong Boon Leong

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the availability of meta-intel/meta-isg/meta-valleyisland BSP layer for Yocto version 1.4.2 supporting Linux kernel version 3.8.
The BSP is made specifically for Intel Atom Processor E38XX (ValleyIsland) Development Kit. This BSP assumes that Intel integrated graphics is being used.
The "valleyisland" BSP is meant to support Valley Island development kit, Bayley Bay and Bakersport Customers Reference Board.

The BSP layer can be downloaded at:
md5sum: cc5c206c3d9205d3594affae68f3585a

Thank you very much.
Ong Boon Leong