Yocto 1.0 Released

Osier-mixon, Jeffrey <jeffrey.osier-mixon@...>

The Yocto Project is pleased to announce the general availability of the Yocto Project 1.0 release. This release provides many improvements to the build system, developer interface, and individual board support packages (BSPs) with support for ARM, MIPS, PPC, x86, and x86_64 systems, including virtual machines.  The Yocto Project also announces the formation of the Yocto Project Steering Group, a coalition of participating organizations oriented toward leadership, governance, and outreach.


The Yocto Project Release 1.0 is based on Linux kernel 2.6.37 and consists of the following new features:


-    A new process for gathering, compiling and building from upstream source code, enabling higher build reliability and a better user interface experience.

-    System toolchain bootstrapping and machine specific sysroot, allowing for a better incremental build experience.

-    Faster builds and better performance with speed improvements to bitbake.

-    Updated GCC toolchain (v4.5.1).

-    A new Application Development Toolkit (ADT) installer and Application Development Guide are being introduced to improve the application development tool experience and documentation.

-    Updates to the X Windows System, improving security for target devices.

-    Up-to-date and integrated open source Linux commands, libraries and middleware.

-    A layer that includes the latest release of the Linaro kernel and toolchain for ARM processors, resulting in increased hardware compatibility.


For details about this release, see the release notes at this link:

http:// yoctoproject.org/download/yocto/yocto-project-1.0-release-notes-poky-5.0-bernard


For more information about the Yocto Project, please visit http://yoctoproject.org.