meta-intel with Cherry Hill BSP support for Yocto Project "Jethro" 2.0 now available

Ong Boon Leong

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the meta-intel BSP layer for Intel(r) Pentium(r)/Celeron(r) Processor N3000 family & Intel(r) Atom(tm) x5-E8000 processor is now available for download.

Yocto Project Version: 2.0 - Jethro

Kernel Features:
- 64-bit Yocto Project Linux Kernel v4.1.8
- Legacy drivers: SATA 2.0 and 3.0, USB Host 2.0 and 3.0, HD Audio, HDMI Audio
- LPSS I/O devices: UART(Debug), HSUART(COM), I2C, Pinctrl (GPIO), SDHCI, SMBus
- Cherry Hill platform on-board ethernet driver: Realtek GBE
- USB, SATA and eMMC boot with UEFI enabled
- CPU idle states support up to C6
- S3 power management

Graphics driver (i915) feature list:
- Support DP Port DDI2/DP Port DD1/HDMI (supported extended/clone for dual/triple display)
- Support display rotation
- Support 4 K display
- Support Mesa 10.6.3 (OpenGL 3.3, OpenGLES 2.0, OpenGLES 3.0)
- Support Intel-VAAPI 1.5.0, libVA-1.5.0
- Support decoding on H264, MPEG2, VC1, MJPEG & VP8
- Support the following encoding formats:
- raw YUY420 to H264 i420 30 fps
- raw to MPEG2 i420 30 fps
- 1920x1080 USB raw YUY2 to camera input to H264
- 1920x1080 USB raw YUY2 camera input to MPEG2
- Support video scaling
- Support transcoding "H264 to MPEG2" and "MPEG2 to H264"
- Support Graphic burst mode (turbo auto-throttling)
- Support S3 (Suspend to RAM) and DPMS
- Support MVC encode
- Support VP8 encode
- Support JPEG decode/encode

The download directory is :


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