Intel Core Processor (Broadwell-Walnut Canyon 2) BSP for Yocto Project version 1.8 (Fido) now available.

Ong Boon Leong

Dear all,

We are pleased to announe the release of the Intel(r) Walnut Canyon 2 BSP (Broadwell) for the Yocto Project "fido" 1.8 release.

BSP downloads
Intel(r) Walnut Canyon 2 BSP (Broadwell):
md5sums: b959c199cdd4658730227e1611598ae9

Features Supported in this Release:
* Linux kernel version 3.19
* Support integrated graphics (i915)
* Support SATA, USB Host v2.0&3.0, APIC, RTC, HPET, WDT, HD Audio
* Support I/O devices - UART, LPC, SMBus I801
* Support Walnut Canyon 2 platform on-board ethernet driver: e1000e
* Support S3 power management
* Support single displays (HDMI, DP and VGA)
* Support 4k resolution for HDMI (4096x2160@24Hz)
* Support UHD-1 resolution for DP (3840x2160@30Hz)
* Support 3 Independent Displays (HDMI, DP, and VGA)
* Support 2D HW acceleration
* Support 3D HW acceleration (GL3.x and GLES3.0)
* Support HW Media acceleration (H.264, MPEG-2, VC-1, VP8)
* Support HW Video Encode (H.264, MPEG-2)
* Support Media Players (GStreamer-VAAPI)

Intel / IOTG / PED SW / Yocto Project Team