Changes at the Yocto Project

Andrew Wafaa

Hello everyone,

I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy, both physically and mentally.

I would like to take a moment to provide some information on what has changed at the Yocto Project over the last month now that I have taken over the reins from Lieu as Chair. Much of this will be part of an upcoming Press Release that we will be getting ready soon. We have some new additions to the project - Katie Greenley has joined the project as Project Manager, to help her get up to speed you will most likely see Stephano Cetola around helping Katie with any YP-isms. We have a new member join the project at Platinum level, Microsoft. I'm very pleased to see Katie and David Tarditi & Paul Eggleton fom Microsoft enter the fold and please join me in welcoming them to the project.

Not only do we have joiners but we also have leavers, Andreea Volosincu did a sterling job with advocacy and was a tour de force in getting the project's name out in front of the world. As mentioned earlier, Lieu Ta was not only a wonderful Chair who welcomed me both as an organisation and as an individual into the project, but she was also the project Treasurer; how she managed to juggle an abacus, members and her day job will remain a mystery to me. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and genuinely thank both of these ladies for the wonderful job they have done and to let them know that they will be missed from the project. Good luck with your onward adventures Andreea and Lieu, stay safe and don't be strangers!

Whilst the departure of Andreea and Lieu left a hole, the project rallied and I'm please to say that the project now has a full complement of Officers. They are:
Advocacy - Tracey Erway
Architect - Richard Purdie
Community Manager - Nicolas Dechesne
Chair - Andrew Wafaa
Infrastructure - Michael Halstead
Project Manager - Katie Greenley
Training - David Reyna
Treasurer - Stephanie Moscrip

Huge thanks to Tracey and Stephanie for stepping into the breach!

Here's to the future, and long may the Yocto Project have a part to play in it.

Kind regards,