Announcing Yocto Project 1.0 roadmap and working schedule

David Stewart

The Yocto Project is pleased to announce some enhancements to our planning documents to add visibility and transparency. In general, we are using the Planning page on the project wiki to collaborate on details.

1. Yocto Project Roadmap - we added a high-level roadmap document which gives a bullet-level list of features which are planned for future releases. In particular, the 1.0 release (planned for April) has frozen content, and is listed in some detail here.

2. Yocto Project 1.0 Schedule - Our normal methodology for development includes managing progress through this page. We did this throughout the 0.9 development cycle and are doing it today for 1.0. By monitoring this page and the git master you should be able to see when functionality comes online and any comments about it.

3. Yocto Features - we collect requested features through a number of methods - bugzilla is a prime method, but we also try to solicit feature requests at many opportunities. This file is where we collect requests. Then the maintainers work with the architect to prioritize and size the features, again using this file. Usually this process occurs during the last milestone of the previous release, about four weeks before the release date.

4. Development methodology - We talked about a number of things we wanted to do in a really good open source project when we first started working together. Then as time went on and we got some experience, we honed this methodology to something which seems to be working well for the project. Now as a public project, we want to open this up and improve on it. There are a few notes here just so you can decode the Schedule file. More information will come as we factor it in.

COMING SOON: We have a couple of demo videos for how to use the Yocto Project Eclipse plug-in. Will post these over to YouTube and post links on, hopefully this week.