[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yocto Project 2.0.2 (Jethro 14.0.2) Released

Tracy Graydon <tracy.graydon@...>


The latest release of the Yocto Project 2.0.2 (jethro-14.0.2) is now available
for download at:


A gpg signed version of these release notes is available at:


Full pass test report is available at:


Thanks to everyone for all their hard work on this release!


Tracy Graydon
Yocto Project
Build and Release

yocto-2.0.2 Errata

Release Name: eclipse-poky-kepler-jethro-14.0.2
Branch: kepler/jethro
Tag: kepler/jethro-14.0.2
Hash: cf60ac293629fc8ecd6c4eb3709a6f334b499d0c
md5: 1a542aecf32a80e546689a435bf53d11
Download Locations:

Release Name: eclipse-poky-luna-jethro-14.0.2
Branch: luna/jethro
Tag: luna/jethro-14.0.2
Hash: 45aa5c77523bdf051d548fff4305382942db2ebb
md5: e8c251d3e469d260b6beea00b00dc614
Download Locations:

Release Name: eclipse-poky-mars-jethro-14.0.2
Branch: mars/jethro
Tag: mars/jethro-14.0.2
Hash: 1d179ddcbd1983bf7bcfe98efdcbb186bdccca4f
md5: 14e7528f8b13bb9b31fdb2be3da0a3f1
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-qt3-jethro-14.0.2
Branch: jethro
Tag: jethro-14.0.2
Hash: b08996efbfb3b26e62b608f34ebf5e671b36ec61
md5: ffb7af0fef8e3c1f04e0a595848a102e
Download Locations:

Release Name: poky-jethro-14.0.2
Branch: jethro
Tag: jethro-14.0.2
Hash: dade0e68c645473d94e1b05020b064df40677e81
md5: 854586669612e553f9cb59bf8c329a65
Download Locations:

Known Issues

Security Fixes
gcc: Security Fix CVE-2016-4490
gcc: Security fix CVE-2016-2226
gcc: Security fix CVE-2016-4489
gcc: Security fix CVE-2016-4488
openssh: Security Fix CVE-2016-3115
busybox: Security fix CVE-2016-2147
busybox: Security Fix CVE-2016-2148
libtiff: Security fix CVE-2015-8664 and 8683
openssl: 1.0.2d -> 1.0.2h (mainly for CVEs)
glibc: Fix CVE-2015-8778
bind: CVE-2016-1285 CVE-2016-1286
dhcp: CVE-2015-8605
openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-0800
wpa-supplicant: Fix CVE-2015-8041

wic: insert local Python paths at front
build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revision
poky.conf: Bump version for 2.0.2 jethro release
build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revision
gdb: Backport patch to changes with AVX and MPX
yocto-bsp: Set correct default branches and branches base for i386, qemu and x86_64 archs
yocto-bsp: fix default kernel for x86_64 arch
conf/distro/poky.conf: use example.com for connectivity check
openssl: prevent ABI break from earlier jethro releases
Revert "kernel/kernel-arch: Explicitly mapping between, i386/x86_64 and x86 for kernel ARCH"
glew: Correct version in autotooling patches
gdb: fix QA warning (uClibc)
binutils: backport bug fix to the 2.25 branch for jethro
boot-directdisk.bbclass: remove HDDIMG before create
opkg: backport fix for double remove of packges
license.bbclass: fix warnings when run in unprivileged "container" env
tzdata: update to 2016d
tzcode: update to 2016d
tzcode: update to 2016c
tzdata: update to 2016c
tzcode: update to 2016b
tzdata: update to 2016b
yocto-project-qs: Updated the minnowboard example.
poky.ent: Added lower-case distro name variable.
lttng-tools: fix regression tests hang
ncurses: update SRC_URI
python3: fix building nativesdk-python3
systemd-serialgetty: allow baud rate overriding
boost: ensure boost to remain an empty metapackage
systemd: chown hwdb.bin to root:root for do_rootfs
cdrtools: update SRC_URI
gcc-cross-canadian.inc: add INSANE_SKIP_ to avoid build warning
systemd: fix segfault on shutdown
nfs-utils: bugfix: adjust name of statd service unit
busybox_git: Fix SRCREV
busybox-1.23: Backport patch to fix zcip false-conflict
bluez5: allow D-Bus to spawn obexd in systems without systemd
ruby-native: Depend on openssl-native
devtool: extract: update SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS for kernel
devtool: extract: copy kernel config to srctree
lib/oe/patch: Make GitApplyTree._applypatch() support read-only .git/hooks
tune-corei7.inc: Fix PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS for corei7-32
license.bbclass: fix host contamination warnings for license files
make 4.1: fix segfault when ttyname fails
xorg-lib: allow native building without x11 DISTRO_FEATURES
base: check for existing prefix when expanding names in PACKAGECONFIG
documentation: Final bits to support a 2.0.1 doc release
conf/local.conf.sample: comment out ASSUME_PROVIDED=libsdl-native
os-release: put double-quotes around variable contents
image_types_uboot: add cpio.gz.uboot to supported IMAGE_TYPES
libsdl: expand PACKAGECONFIG and enable native builds
image_types.bbclass: Rebuild when WICVARS change
image_types: improve wks path specification
wic: rawcopy: Copy source file to build folder
ref-manual: Corrected Note for CentOS package requirements
ref-manual: Updated the S variable description with feedback
ref-manual: Updated the staging.bbclass description
ref-manual: Updated the S variable description.
dev-manual, ref-manual: Updated licensing text information.
ref-manual: Added order information for conf file parsing.