[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yocto Project 1.5.3 released

Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...>


The latest point release of the Yocto Project, 1.5.3 (dora 10.0.3) is now
available for download at:

This is an updated announcement with a corrected md5sum for the poky tarball.

A gpg signed version of these release notes is available at:

Please note that for this release, we are utilizing the master version
of eclipse-poky-kepler (4a167fd662262ebdaa3cf0d332ac0debb52d7904)

Thanks go out to everyone for all their hard work during this release!


Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Build and Release

yocto-1.5.3 Errata

Release Name: poky-dora-10.0.3
Branch: dora
Tag: dora-10.0.3
Hash: dc743744d8e3a9caef577aeab6b7f51bc08ded17
md5: fcbd3d51328855625281d2ad726e41ed
Download Locations:

Release Name: eclipse-poky-juno-dora-10.0.3
Branch: dora
Tag: dora-10.0.3
Hash: 79cd3c6ff119526f3f85567253450d2e857afed0
md5: 2dbedb581e085264a68f61f198d1bc3d
Download Locations:

Release Name: eclipse-poky-kepler-dora-10.0.3
Branch: dora
Tag: dora-10.0.3
Hash: 4a167fd662262ebdaa3cf0d332ac0debb52d7904
md5: 818382d448ee2739bd306cfeaf690c74
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-qt3-dora-10.0.3
Branch: dora
Tag: dora-10.0.3
Hash: 4772424ab69908d4e3b9d6d4717ca889468e6acd
md5: 0a08ee0d6e59c21779db2e3ce47c825a
Download Locations:

Security Fixes



build-appliance-image: Update to dora head revision
poky.conf: Bump version for 1.5.3 dora release
build-appliance-image: Update to dora head revision
opkg: putting the service files into PN fix to handle special file names correctly
libtool-cross/native: Force usage of bash due to sstate inconsistencies
perf: split packging
perf: add slang to the dependencies
perf: fix broken shell comparsion in do_install
e2fsprogs: Fix
prelink: Fix SRC_URI keep file timestamps
rpm: Fix rpm -V usage
consolekit: fix console-kit-log-system-start.service startup error out if debugfs encounters some error fix to handle /var/lib/opkg/alternatives/[[ correctly
profile-manual: Fixed a transposed title.
dev-manual: Fixed a link that was broke in the mega-manual.
mega-manual.sed: Fixed search string problem for profile-manual.
documentation: Updated manual history tables.
mega-manual.sed: Updated release string to support 1.5.3 release.
poky.ent: Updated variables to support 1.5.3 release.
x264: Update SRCREV to match commit in upstream git repo
openssl: fix for CVE-2010-5298
openssl: fix CVE-2014-3470
openssl: fix CVE-2014-0224
openssl: fix CVE-2014-0221
openssl: use upstream fix for CVE-2014-0198
openssl: fix CVE-2014-0195
gnutls: patch for CVE-2014-3466 backported
busybox: fix meta-yocto's bbappend's FILESEXTRAPATH
poky.conf: Fix DISTRO_VERSION to be 1.5.2
openssl: fix CVE-2014-0198

Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Project
Build and Release