[ANNOUNCEMENT] meta-intel 10.1 layer for Yocto Project "thud" 2.6.1 is now available

Tracy Graydon <tracy.graydon@...>

We are pleased to announce the meta-intel 10.1 layer for the Yocto Project 2.6.1 “thud" release is now available for download.

Tracy Graydon
Intel Corporation

10.1-thud-2.6.1 Errata

Release Name: meta-intel-10.1-thud-2.6.1
Branch: thud
Tag: 10.1-thud-2.6.1
Hash: 9ad66b4c4c22c140151c1ac12a5c189aa3202c93
md5: 829cc702e03b72bec6b0cb1db1989505
Download Locations:

Known Issues

Security Fixes
For Intel processor-specific security information please visit

Method information on Intel's Security Center site:;languageid=en-fr

Intel Security Center:

linux-intel-rt/4.14: update to v4.14.93
conf: set -rt kernel to 4.14
linux-intel/4.9: update to v4.9.146
linux-intel-rt/4.19: introduce -rt recipe for 4.19
linux-intel/4.19: update to v4.19.13
linux-intel/4.14: update to v4.14.92
linux-intel/4.19: update SRCREV for 4.19.8
linux-intel/4.14: update to v4.14.87
README: update for thud release requirements