Laverne 4.0.1 Release

David Stewart

Reposting Elizabeth's announcement of the 4.0.1 point release of Laverne.

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We are pleased to announce the first bug-fix release of Poky Laverne,
4.0.1. This release is available at:

This release fixes issues with Poky Laverne on systems running
Fedora 14 and Opensuse 11.3, fixes issues with the poky-qemu script, and
fixes several other bugs. For a full list of bug fixes and known issues,
please see the Laverne 4.0.1 Errata at the bottom of this email.

Thanks to everyone who helped with reporting and fixing bugs!

Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Project
Release Engineer

Laverne 4.0.1 Errata
Name: Laverne
Version: 4.0.1
MD5 Sum: 0564df3a756c7ccdf2b34e980e6f56d8
Tagged Rev: 45526f5ecfd7fec22ce8022b46c311e77ee0fa9f
Build Rev: fd7a07b3a2153826bedda2ef76b9a33ab2791680
Build Date: Jan 26 2011


* Make 3.82, as shipped with Fedora 14, included parser bug fixes
that resulted in a much stricter parser. As a result, the Makefiles
could not be parsed for many of the software versions shipped with
Laverne. The Makefiles in the following recipes were fixed:

o eglibc
o busybox
o procps
o linux-libc-headers
o gstreamer
o gst-plugins
o libowl-av
o owl-video-widget
o dates
o contacts
o web-webkit

* The ability to build openssl-native on a system that has SELINUX
enabled was restored. (We disabled the execstack flag at compile time.)

* A host-intrusion issue caused by a failure in QEMU to find zlib
headers during configure was fixed. The issue was causing qemu-native to
use the system zlib if it was present. If the system zlib was not
present the build would fail.

* Stability and usability enhancements, which included handling
relative filesystem paths, were made to poky-qemu scripts.

* The run-time remapping of package names when adding extra packages
to an image via the IMAGE_INSTALL mechanism were fixed.

* The configure test in quilt for GNU patch was fixed to that it
correctly detects the version.

Known Issues

* The mpc3815e-rbd and routerstationpro machines were untested and
not a part of the official Laverne 4.0 release. These machines are still
unusable for this Laverne 4.0.1 release.
o mpx3815e-rdb will not boot due to a kernel/uboot issue Bug #685
o routerstation will not boot (by default) due to incorrect boot
parameters Bug #681
o routerstationpro debug messages related to the ethernet driver
print during boot Bug #679

* Shutdown/poweroff on qemuarm does not cleanly halt the virtual
machine. To workaround this issue use the reboot command. Using this
command avoids a "power-cycle" and instead cleanly shuts down the VM Bug

* Two "Connection Manager" icons appear in the Sato UI. This
duplication has been fixed in master. Note that you can use either icon
to launch the connectivity UI. Bug #683

* The on-screen keyboard incorrectly launches in the qemumips
machine. This issue is due to a mis-configured formfactor file Bug #682
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