Announcing new resources: demo video and Getting Started

David Stewart

We are pleased to announce some new resources on the Yocto Project.

When you build a custom Linux distribution for your device using the Yocto Project, you can also build an Application Development Toolkit (ADT) which corresponds to that distribution. The toolkit also comes with an Eclipse IDE plug-in.

Sometimes it helps to have a little demo of how the ADT works to get you started

Jessica Zhang, the ADT maintainer did a five minute demo screen cast of how to get the Eclipse plug-in working. You can view this video at and there is a link in the Resources section of the Yocto Project website ( along with other useful resources. Thanks Jessica for contributing this!

We also made some enhancements to our "Getting Started" page, to make a couple of things clearer:

* We now have a "contact us" link to send mail to the project organizers without using the public list.

* We also added a bunch of ideas on this page of how to contribute to the project. We hope you find it useful.

You can find this on

Thank you again for your contributions to the project. Code is of course always really welcome as a contribution, and we also welcome informational pieces like Jessica's video.