[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yocto 1.1.1 released.

Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...>

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Our point release of yocto-1.1.1 edison has been tagged, generated and
is now available for download. This release is available at:

Additional tarballs for meta-qt3 and eclipse plugin are available at:

with mirror locations at:

Git tags gpg key information is available at:

If you notice, this release contains quite a number of upgrades. A
short list of these upgrades is at the end of this email. For a
complete patchset, please review the git log.

Elizabeth Flanagan

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edison-6.0.1 Errata
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Release Name: poky-edison-6.0.1
Branch: edison
Tag: edison-6.0.1.release
Git rev: 0fbd6a161576b2cafa8583adde0ffb15347c884a
md5: 2f1695b6a11279a092bd22a38bc3a82e poky-edison-6.0.1.tar.bz2
Download Locations:

Release Name: eclipse-poky-edison-6.0.1
Branch: edison
Tag: edison-6.0.1.release
Git Rev: e33b9b6e8054bc7b778514b85a5d7505f91885ee
md5: dc3454c9109f1977b7a760164dfeb14c eclipse-poky-edison-6.0.1.tar.bz2
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-qt3-edison-6.0.1
Branch: edison
Tag: edison-6.0.1.release
Git rev: 0c3153242344e5113a50002939d36a2b739cc497
md5: 10e6a640c8abaf546208128d4ff81fbe meta-qt3-edison-6.0.1.tar.bz2
Download Locations:

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- - PPC related fixes (kernel, udev, eglibc, etc)
- - Fixes for the useradd class and various related changes to ensure smooth use
- - Fixes for sstate generation and various related changes to enhance
sstate support including metadata changes to:
- increase the amount of reused sstate cache
- ensure the ADT installer regenerates in the deploy directory
- fix an uncommon bug to ensure that when the sstate cache for a
recipe is not reusable the recipe is correctly rebuilt.
- - Fetcher fixes including enhancing the git fetcher to cope with
rebased branches

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Known Issues
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[Announcement] 1.2 Milestone 3 Released

Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...>

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We are pleased to announce the third milestone of the coming release
of Yocto 1.2. This milestone release is available at:

Additional tarballs for meta-qt3 and the eclipse plugin are available at:

with mirror locations at:

For information on 1.2 M3 test results see:

Thank you everyone for all the hard work.

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Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Project
Release Engineer

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edison-6.1.0-m3 Errata
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Release Name: poky-edison-6.1.0-m3
Branch: 1.2_M3
Hash: 320558f494c618f53e0c773db3ea0109476e8359
md5: 24a90ec80d90c7f6757d9be50c2efe47 poky-edison-6.1.0-m3.tar.bz2
Download Locations:

Release Name: eclipse-poky-edison-6.1.0-m3
Branch: 1.2_M3
Hash: 06652a1b3f7a82481b4a7f1fee279ce1c616013b
md5: eaa2d0e9a5554463b1d44b8b5f9d29e0 eclipse-poky-edison-6.1.0-m3.tar.bz2
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-qt3-edison-6.1.0-m3
Branch: 1.2_M3
Hash: 7e283e296d589256bef1a5652b72f264aba72e1a
md5: 89d04eaf3aead8322c3b601190391f2d meta-qt3-edison-6.1.0-m3.tar.bz2
Download Locations:

- --------------------
- --------------------
- - HOB2 with redesigned UI and workflow implementation
- - Build appliance features and stability.
- - Error handling improvement such as display a summary of warning
and error messages at the end of Bitbake command.
- - Oracle/Sun Hotspot JDK/JRE support.
- - POSIX support
- - Enhancement to the Eclipse plug-in for Bitbake commander

- --------------------
Known Issues
- --------------------
- - Bug 2066 - Glxgears failed in qemuarm/qemuppc/qemumips.
- - Bug 1898-[beagleboard C4] X server cannot startup with 3.0 kernel.
- - Bug 1906 -[QEMU] loses focus in qemux86-64 terminal When I press
key [CTRL+L]
- - Bug 1912-[beagleboard C4] Segmentation fault when reboot the
system with 3.0 kernel
- - Bug 1917-[non-GPLv3] image fails to boot up with no root filesystem found
- - Bug 1918-[x32] insane.bbclass reports error for x32 kernel
- - Bug 1899-[multilib] do_rootfs failed for lib-connman-gnome with ipk
- - Bug 1903-[HOB] do_rootfs failed with dummy-image against a clean working dir
- - Bug 1910-[HOB] git recipes not shown in package view due to
inconsistent package name
- - Bug 1911-[HOB] non-GPLv3 build not work

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Announcing release of v1.1 of the Yocto Project

David Stewart

This week we released the v1.1 release of the Yocto Project with a host of new features. Please read the blog post at for some commentary on the release.

My personal and profound thanks to the 72 people unique individuals who contributed to this release and the organizations who continue to support the work and use the Yocto Project for their own devices, projects and products.


Yocto 1.0 Released

Osier-mixon, Jeffrey <jeffrey.osier-mixon@...>

The Yocto Project is pleased to announce the general availability of the Yocto Project 1.0 release. This release provides many improvements to the build system, developer interface, and individual board support packages (BSPs) with support for ARM, MIPS, PPC, x86, and x86_64 systems, including virtual machines.  The Yocto Project also announces the formation of the Yocto Project Steering Group, a coalition of participating organizations oriented toward leadership, governance, and outreach.


The Yocto Project Release 1.0 is based on Linux kernel 2.6.37 and consists of the following new features:


-    A new process for gathering, compiling and building from upstream source code, enabling higher build reliability and a better user interface experience.

-    System toolchain bootstrapping and machine specific sysroot, allowing for a better incremental build experience.

-    Faster builds and better performance with speed improvements to bitbake.

-    Updated GCC toolchain (v4.5.1).

-    A new Application Development Toolkit (ADT) installer and Application Development Guide are being introduced to improve the application development tool experience and documentation.

-    Updates to the X Windows System, improving security for target devices.

-    Up-to-date and integrated open source Linux commands, libraries and middleware.

-    A layer that includes the latest release of the Linaro kernel and toolchain for ARM processors, resulting in increased hardware compatibility.


For details about this release, see the release notes at this link:



For more information about the Yocto Project, please visit


Yocto 1.0 RC2 available for download & evaluation

David Stewart

The Yocto Project is moving towards our 1.0 release.  The theme of this release is an improved developer experience from the Yocto 0.9 release.


We would love to have you download the current release candidate (RC2) and give us your feedback on bugzilla.


Please use to give us feedback

For questions or help, try to use the documentation or #yocto on freenode


Here is where to get the bits:






Yocto Project


Yocto Project Aligns Technology with OpenEmbedded, Gains Partners

Osier-mixon, Jeffrey <jeffrey.osier-mixon@...>

Good morning,

Today is an important day for the Yocto Project for two reasons.

First, the Yocto Project is aligning with the OpenEmbedded project – future releases of the Yocto Project will contain the new OpenEmbedded oe-core set of recipes as a base. You can read more about this on the OpenEmbedded Core page. 


Second, in addition to OpenEmbedded, over a dozen organizations have chosen to publicly announce their participation in the Yocto Project, including semiconductor manufacturers, embedded Linux providers, and professional organizations, and several of these have also joined the Yocto steering group.  Welcome to the Yocto Project!


For more information, see the press release from the Linux Foundation


Jeff Osier-Mixon
Yocto Community Manager @Intel


Laverne 4.0.1 Release

David Stewart

Reposting Elizabeth's announcement of the 4.0.1 point release of Laverne.

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From: poky-bounces@... [mailto:poky-bounces@...] On Behalf Of Elizabeth Flanagan

We are pleased to announce the first bug-fix release of Poky Laverne,
4.0.1. This release is available at:

This release fixes issues with Poky Laverne on systems running
Fedora 14 and Opensuse 11.3, fixes issues with the poky-qemu script, and
fixes several other bugs. For a full list of bug fixes and known issues,
please see the Laverne 4.0.1 Errata at the bottom of this email.

Thanks to everyone who helped with reporting and fixing bugs!

Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Project
Release Engineer

Laverne 4.0.1 Errata
Name: Laverne
Version: 4.0.1
MD5 Sum: 0564df3a756c7ccdf2b34e980e6f56d8
Tagged Rev: 45526f5ecfd7fec22ce8022b46c311e77ee0fa9f
Build Rev: fd7a07b3a2153826bedda2ef76b9a33ab2791680
Build Date: Jan 26 2011


* Make 3.82, as shipped with Fedora 14, included parser bug fixes
that resulted in a much stricter parser. As a result, the Makefiles
could not be parsed for many of the software versions shipped with
Laverne. The Makefiles in the following recipes were fixed:

o eglibc
o busybox
o procps
o linux-libc-headers
o gstreamer
o gst-plugins
o libowl-av
o owl-video-widget
o dates
o contacts
o web-webkit

* The ability to build openssl-native on a system that has SELINUX
enabled was restored. (We disabled the execstack flag at compile time.)

* A host-intrusion issue caused by a failure in QEMU to find zlib
headers during configure was fixed. The issue was causing qemu-native to
use the system zlib if it was present. If the system zlib was not
present the build would fail.

* Stability and usability enhancements, which included handling
relative filesystem paths, were made to poky-qemu scripts.

* The run-time remapping of package names when adding extra packages
to an image via the IMAGE_INSTALL mechanism were fixed.

* The configure test in quilt for GNU patch was fixed to that it
correctly detects the version.

Known Issues

* The mpc3815e-rbd and routerstationpro machines were untested and
not a part of the official Laverne 4.0 release. These machines are still
unusable for this Laverne 4.0.1 release.
o mpx3815e-rdb will not boot due to a kernel/uboot issue Bug #685
o routerstation will not boot (by default) due to incorrect boot
parameters Bug #681
o routerstationpro debug messages related to the ethernet driver
print during boot Bug #679

* Shutdown/poweroff on qemuarm does not cleanly halt the virtual
machine. To workaround this issue use the reboot command. Using this
command avoids a "power-cycle" and instead cleanly shuts down the VM Bug

* Two "Connection Manager" icons appear in the Sato UI. This
duplication has been fixed in master. Note that you can use either icon
to launch the connectivity UI. Bug #683

* The on-screen keyboard incorrectly launches in the qemumips
machine. This issue is due to a mis-configured formfactor file Bug #682
poky mailing list

Announcing new resources: demo video and Getting Started

David Stewart

We are pleased to announce some new resources on the Yocto Project.

When you build a custom Linux distribution for your device using the Yocto Project, you can also build an Application Development Toolkit (ADT) which corresponds to that distribution. The toolkit also comes with an Eclipse IDE plug-in.

Sometimes it helps to have a little demo of how the ADT works to get you started

Jessica Zhang, the ADT maintainer did a five minute demo screen cast of how to get the Eclipse plug-in working. You can view this video at and there is a link in the Resources section of the Yocto Project website ( along with other useful resources. Thanks Jessica for contributing this!

We also made some enhancements to our "Getting Started" page, to make a couple of things clearer:

* We now have a "contact us" link to send mail to the project organizers without using the public list.

* We also added a bunch of ideas on this page of how to contribute to the project. We hope you find it useful.

You can find this on

Thank you again for your contributions to the project. Code is of course always really welcome as a contribution, and we also welcome informational pieces like Jessica's video.

Announcing Yocto Project 1.0 roadmap and working schedule

David Stewart

The Yocto Project is pleased to announce some enhancements to our planning documents to add visibility and transparency. In general, we are using the Planning page on the project wiki to collaborate on details.

1. Yocto Project Roadmap - we added a high-level roadmap document which gives a bullet-level list of features which are planned for future releases. In particular, the 1.0 release (planned for April) has frozen content, and is listed in some detail here.

2. Yocto Project 1.0 Schedule - Our normal methodology for development includes managing progress through this page. We did this throughout the 0.9 development cycle and are doing it today for 1.0. By monitoring this page and the git master you should be able to see when functionality comes online and any comments about it.

3. Yocto Features - we collect requested features through a number of methods - bugzilla is a prime method, but we also try to solicit feature requests at many opportunities. This file is where we collect requests. Then the maintainers work with the architect to prioritize and size the features, again using this file. Usually this process occurs during the last milestone of the previous release, about four weeks before the release date.

4. Development methodology - We talked about a number of things we wanted to do in a really good open source project when we first started working together. Then as time went on and we got some experience, we honed this methodology to something which seems to be working well for the project. Now as a public project, we want to open this up and improve on it. There are a few notes here just so you can decode the Schedule file. More information will come as we factor it in.

COMING SOON: We have a couple of demo videos for how to use the Yocto Project Eclipse plug-in. Will post these over to YouTube and post links on, hopefully this week.

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