Intel Board Support for Yocto Project "dizzy" 1.7 now available.

Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...>

I am pleased to announce the release of the meta-intel 2.0 BSPs for the Yocto
Project "dizzy" 1.7 release.

These BSPs are built against the Yocto 1.7 release (dizzy-12.0.0)

Layer Name: meta-intel
URL: git://
Branch: dizzy
Hash: 0f6d30a95c84ec239f5a30bbfba17ed42e2cf284
Tag: 2.0-dizzy-1.7
md5sum: 4a0d2b058e71afe74ac2f30e190c46b4

BSP downloads
crownbay-noemgd :
emenlow-noemgd :
fri2-noemgd :
intel-core2-32 :
intel-corei7-64 :
jasperforest :
nuc :
sugarbay :

- A feature for updating Intel processor microcode at early boot stage
has been added
- BSP kernel has been updated to v3.17.1
- The LTSI kernel has been updated to v3.10.43

Bug Fixes
Bug 6807 - crownbay-noemgd with 3.17 kernel doesn't boot into graphics
Bug 6342 - Enable wifi feature for Sugarbay BSP for the Huronriver laptop
Bug 6710 - linux-yocto-rt recipe failing to build
Bug 5114 - meta-intel: intel microcode update
Bug 6460 - Fix module_autoload_*

Elizabeth Flanagan
Intel Corp.

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