[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yocto Project 1.4.3 (dylan 9.0.3) Released

Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...>


The latest point release of the Yocto Project, 1.4.3 (dylan 9.0.3) is now
available for download at:


A gpg signed version of these release notes is available at:


Thanks go out to everyone for all their hard work during this release!


Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Build and Release

yocto-1.4.3 Errata

Release Name: poky-dylan-9.0.3
Branch: dylan
Tag: dylan-9.0.3
Hash: 6ef08331868c694ce7c3b31eeaac84e6aa8d660b
md5: 0ce3883fa12a21d9c6cc735a5be9ad37
Download Locations:

Release Name: eclipse-poky-juno-dylan-9.0.3
Branch: dylan
Tag: dylan-9.0.3
Hash: dc9a609c68fe4a6bbbf34d418fd6611489c1d6f7
md5: 1e27a640a1496c880ef512147ded610d
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-qt3-dylan-9.0.3
Branch: dylan
Tag: dylan-9.0.3
Hash: 4c27cce6688aa39852f3cba5e7b80ec279019605
md5: b53c8a80196e3daab0c955c0ec538e33
Download Locations:

Security Fixes
-gnutls: CVE-2014-0092
-gnutls: CVE-2014-1959
-libtiff: CVE-2013-4243
-libtiff: CVE-2013-4232
-libtiff: CVE-2013-1960
-gst-ffmpeg: CVE-2013-3674
-python: CVE-2011-4944
-python: CVE-2013-4238
-perl: CVE-2012-6329
-perl: CVE-2013-1667

-rpm: Enable compatibility with older RPM packages that have invalid platforms
-lsbtest: fix comparison bashism
-init-install-efi.sh: Remove unnecessary udev rules file to avoid errors
-gnutls: fix failure during do_compile
-gnutls: Fixed bug that prevented the rejection of v1 intermediate CA
-gnutls: CVE-2014-0092 correct return codes
-subversion: fix build problem when sysroot contains '-D' or '-I'
-guile: fix the depends for target recipes
-guile: fix build with Texinfo 5.0
-grep: Add patch for texinfo 5.1
-Fixes for tar 1.27 on the build host
-findutils_4.2.31: backport fixes for doc build errors
-elfutils-native: Fix build on distros with gcc 4.8
-libx11: backport _XEatDataWords API to fix QEMU startup failures on
modern distros
-runqemu: Use correct kvm CPU options for qemux86* with kvm
-cmake: set system name correctly
-libsoup-2.4: add intltool-native to DEPENDS
-packagegroup-self-hosted: add missing python modules for build appliance
-python: Add missing python-ctypes dependency to python-multiprocessing
-libtiff: CVE-2013-4243
-libtiff: CVE-2013-4232
-libtiff: fix CVE-2013-1960
-gst-ffmpeg: fix CVE-2013-3674
-image-mklibs: ensure sysroot is correctly set when calling gcc
-package.bbclass: ensure license excluded files aren't packaged
-license.bbclass: include all licenses in the manifest
-license.bbclass: fix missing of license files on ubuntu build host
-metadata_scm: Avoid crashing on new svn version layouts
-meta-toolchain-qt: put QT_CONF_PATH in environment script
-nativesdk-qt4-tools: create qt.conf file
-dropbear: pass SFTPSERVER_PATH explicitly
-elfutils-native: Update the patch to include the missing pieces
needed for tests
-busybox: configure system user id to range from 100 to 999
-sstate: Drop 'SafeDep' code from setscene validation to fix some
sstate tasks not being executed
-bitbake: perforce: Fix path subdirectory issues
-bitbake: fetch/hg: Improve user/password handling
-bitbake: fetch2/svn.py: use log instead of info to retrieve revision
-bitbake: fetch2: Don't allow '/' in user:pass, fix branch containing '@'
-bitbake: bitbake: lib/bb/cache.py: Change debugging note to a debug message
-bitbake: hob/hoblistmodel: check if vals of packages/recipes names are not None
-bitbake: methodpool: Retire it, remove global method scope
-rpm: fix typo in PACKAGECONFIG
-Fix "bitbake package-index" for RPM
-kernel.bbclass: Correct post(inst|rm) package association
-python: Backport 2 CVE from upstream (CVE-2011-4944 / CVE-2013-4238)
-perl: Backport 2 CVE Patches (CVE-2012-6329 / CVE-2013-1667)
-libxml2: remove erroneous patch for CVE-2012-2871 (issue not present
in this version)
-sysvinit-inittab: ensure unique label for SERIAL_CONSOLES entries
-ncurses: Fix problems expanding ncurses-libtinfo when in IMAGE_INSTALL
-db: Fix build with high PARALLEL_MAKE
-boost: fix build when PARALLEL_MAKE is not set
-mc: Don't remove libdir and split helpers into packages
-kern-tools: use dylan branch

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