Toaster Alpha Release for dora-10.0.0

Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...>


We are pleased to announce the alpha release of Toaster, a web based
graphical build interface.

Thanks for everyone's hard work.



Name: Toaster
Type: Yocto Project feature alpha release
Version: 10.0.0 "Dora" + "Toaster"
Release Date: 6 Nov 2013

Repo: git://
Branch: dora-toaster
Hash: e5cf3e598e1e36b87a6cb07829f8a5013d78f534
Tag: toaster-dora-10.0.0

$ git clone -b dora-toaster git:// .

Download Link:
md5sum: 0e2ddd01bbd428f09388e713c6a200a7

Release Notes:

* Summary
* API documentation and availability
* Requirements
* QA and Known Issues
* Operation

* Summary

This is a technology preview for Toaster, a web interface allowing
recording and inspecting the build process and artifacts from a
Yocto project build. The code should be treated as being an "alpha" release.

The system runs Bitbake in server-mode, a feature that was merged
in the 1.5 Dora release. The server mode accepting "observing" clients
that can listen for Bitbake events has also been developed for 1.5

A new Bitbake UI module has been developed, named "toasterui";
this UI listens for build events, retrieves information from the events,
and records the information in the database.

A web interface developed in Python/Django exposes the recorded information
in a basic HTML interface, named Simple UI; and also exposes the information
via a REST API for third party use.

The scope of the Simple UI is to allow visual data testing to verify the
quality of the backend. The Simple UI isn't an example of the final UI, nor
does it show the analysis capabilities projected for Toaster.

The final UI is still in development.

* API documentation and availability

The Toaster web interface exposes a set of REST APIs allowing third party
to retrieve and process recorded data in 3rd party applications.

The documentation for the REST API is maintained on wiki:

* Requirements

This release adds a dependency on Django version 1.4.5

* QA and Known issues.

Toaster uses partially automated testing to measure the completness
and quality of data recorded. For this release, the data completness table
is listed below, listing missing information.

table_name procentage of empty fields(null or 0)
orm_build 15.3846153846%
orm_target 33.3333333333%
orm_task 39.275942149%
orm_task_dependency 0.0%
orm_build_package 1.94484369386%
orm_build_package_dependency 10.2641858553%
orm_target_package 17.9319371728%
orm_target_package_dependency 23.8863863864%
orm_build_file 0.459716208405%
orm_target_file 100%
orm_recipe 4.01146131805%
orm_recipe_dependency 21.0964912281%
orm_layer 0.0%
orm_layer_version 0.0%
orm_variable 43.2573680603%
orm_logmessage 0.0%

No medium+ or critical bugs for this release.

Known issue with data collected for build_package,
build_package_dependency and build_file tables, this is tracked via

Our tests are run on a clean build, and therefore do not pick up this
problem. For unclean build or a failed build, the data collection and
accuracy may downgrade.

There are bugs related to completness or quality of data, which are being
tracked in Look for Product: Web - Hob,
Component: web-hob. Web-Hob and variants is the former codename for Toaster.

* Operation

Please see the wiki on how to start the system.

Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Project
Build and Release

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