[Announcement] Yocto Project 1.4.2 (Dylan 9.0.2) Released

Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...>


The latest point release of the Yocto Project, 1.4.2 (dylan 9.0.2) is now
available for download at:


A gpg signed version of these release notes is available at:


Thanks go out to everyone for all their hard work during this release!


Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Build and Release

yocto-1.4.2 Errata

Release Name: poky-dylan-9.0.2
Branch: dylan
Tag: dylan-9.0.2
Hash: d734ab491a30078d43dee5440c03acce2d251425
md5: a8cfa7440bdef4e5f8de68ac9bc256c9
Download Locations:

Release Name: eclipse-poky-juno-dylan-9.0.2
Branch: dylan
Tag: dylan-9.0.2
Hash: dc9a609c68fe4a6bbbf34d418fd6611489c1d6f7
md5: eaf8eda342051e0530ff80d7ae015ecc
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-qt3-dylan-9.0.2
Branch: dylan
Tag: dylan-9.0.2
Hash: 4c27cce6688aa39852f3cba5e7b80ec279019605
md5: 97b0bfaace7d5534530e7b56faa99aac
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-intel-dylan-9.0.2
Branch: dylan
Tag: dylan-9.0.2
Hash: 048def7bae8e3e1a11c91f5071f99bdcf8e6dd16
md5: 69253e666f73dd74d309ae922bb0f091
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-minnow-dylan-9.0.2
Branch: dylan
Tag: dylan-9.0.2
Hash: bde2e79fdb35851ee1f855a41a536fe741d6294d
md5: b4d0131c5e087d0fa6dbb58ffee79b9b
Download Locations:

Notable Fixes
- A large number of build-time deterministic dependency fixes
- A couple of fixes for build problems on Fedora 19 and other newer host
distributions (although some issues may still be present)
- Several fixes for ADT / SDK installer runtime failures
- Correctly mark the current version of groff as GPLv3, and add a GPLv2

Security fixes
bind: fix for CVE-2012-5166, CVE-2011-4313, CVE-2012-1667, CVE-2012-3817,
CVE-2013-2266, CVE-2012-4244
grep: fix for CVE-2012-5667
libpam: fix for CVE-2010-4708
logrotate: fix for CVE-2011-1548
gnutls: fix for CVE-2013-1619 (upgraded to 2.12.23)

Known Issues
The following known issues are present in this release:
* runqemu sometimes fails on Fedora 19 due to build-time configuration issue
* (bug #5040)
* Intermittent error when building packages in Hob (bug #5053)

The following have fixes in master which will be integrated for the
next 1.4 point release:
* "ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'ncurses-libtinfo'" when ncurses is being
* installed from Hob

Bug Fixes
349: qt4: add eglibc-gconv-utf-16 to QtCore RRECOMMENDS when using glibc to
fix runtime warnings
4225: Ensure finalised data is displayed in build banner to fix incorrect
display of TUNE_FEATURES
4474: bind: use /var/run/named instead of /var/run/bind/run to fix error on
4746: systemd-udevd: fix invoking init script failed
4630: archiver.bbclass: check if package contains a copyleft license
4372: sstate.bbclass: make hard links for staging files to save disk space
4632: only use devtmpfs for udev
4550: adt_installer_internal: fix perl module relocation failure on older
4758: adt_installer_internal: fix perl lib version mismatch
4760: adt_installer_internal: add sudo when permission deny on installation
4735: yocto-bsp: filter out 'layer' from arch list
4743: yocto-kernel: enforce exact match for BBLAYERS
4488: populate_sdk_base, adt_installer: abort install if path contains spaces
4853: populate_sdk_base.bbclass: use new perm option for find
4815: tar: remove an erroneous patch
4385: remake: fix insufficient gettext dependency
4627: bitbake: data_smart: Ensure variable flags are accounted for in config
data hash
4908: external-sourcery: add missing providers
4439: devshell fails to open a new tmux session
4997: grub_0.97: Fix to correctly ship files under /usr/lib

Fixes without associated bug numbers:
openssl: fix documentation build errors with Perl 5.18 pod2man
openssl: Add fix for cipher des-ede3-cfb1
linux-yocto: Fix SRCREVs in linux-yocto_3.2 kernel
mesa: fix EGL compilation without X11 headers
directfb: avoid build failures by not patching pkg-config files
packagegroup-core-tools-testapps: exclude X11 dependent tools when x11 is not
dpkg-native: fix include header causing compile error with gcc 4.8

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