Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Milestone 3 for Yocto Project 4.1 (yocto-4.1_M3) Now Available

Konrad Weihmann

Hi all,

On 24.09.22 04:02, Lee Chee Yang wrote:
We are pleased to announce the third milestone release for Yocto Project 4.1 (yocto-4.1_M3) is now available for download.
Download: <>
bitbake: 6424f4b7e9c1ba8db81346e8b3a806dd035d4551
meta-agl: e4ea839db9c26e78175d61388c5408a79f6927dc
meta-arm: 261263a6701ab3530ff997643d08da502222ac20
meta-aws: a16f35a73bff26d9506f519451dc75034211d61b
meta-gplv2: 43bf0e8d5985945d19d01f94bfbbda420c4435f3
I thought the agreement was to stop promoting meta-gplv2?
Still I find it listed here - it somehow implies that this is still officially support, which everyone agreed it isn't

Can this be removed from the announcement template for the next releases? - just to avoid any future misunderstandings

meta-intel: 9d2820d4bf436924db845de28850a807f9fdef87
meta-mingw: 8327efb6334b9187fbaf7c871de4446c6863b3c5
meta-openembedded: 09e086812aab7ca6ee480fb625966e2318174345
meta-virtualization: 538e94e674dc1be0b0fee5da54083ca040b2f7b9
oecore: bf5968bce59d5e5c777407dba431be3aec012404
poky: 987e1503f733068d774ccf440b6f4e23e833571e
Full Test Report: <>
Known Issue:
Wic “direct” imager plugin is causing duplicates/multiple root entries in fstab. This issue only happens on wic image. See bug 14865 for more information.
Thank you.
Chee Yang
chee.yang.lee@... <mailto:chee.yang.lee@...>
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