[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yocto Project 4.0.3 is Released

Lee Chee Yang


We are pleased to announce the Yocto Project 4.0.3 Release is now available for download.


A gpg signed version of these release notes is available at:



Full Test Report:



Thank you for everyone's contributions to this release.


Chee Yang chee.yang.lee@...

Yocto Project Build and Release


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yocto-4.0.3 Release Notes

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Repository Name: poky

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/git/poky

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.3

Git Revision: 387ab5f18b17c3af3e9e30dc58584641a70f359f

Release Artefact: poky-387ab5f18b17c3af3e9e30dc58584641a70f359f

sha: fe674186bdb0684313746caa9472134fc19e6f1443c274fe02c06cb1e675b404

Download Locations:




Repository Name: openembedded-core

Repository Location: https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.3

Git Revision: 2cafa6ed5f0aa9df5a120b6353755d56c7c7800d

Release Artefact: oecore-2cafa6ed5f0aa9df5a120b6353755d56c7c7800d

sha: 5181d3e8118c6112936637f01a07308b715e0e3d12c7eba338556747dfcabe92

Download Locations:




Repository Name: meta-mingw

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/git/meta-mingw

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.3

Git Revision: a90614a6498c3345704e9611f2842eb933dc51c1

Release Artefact: meta-mingw-a90614a6498c3345704e9611f2842eb933dc51c1

sha: 49f9900bfbbc1c68136f8115b314e95d0b7f6be75edf36a75d9bcd1cca7c6302

Download Locations:




Repository Name: meta-gplv2

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/git/meta-gplv2

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.3

Git Revision: d2f8b5cdb285b72a4ed93450f6703ca27aa42e8a

Release Artefact: meta-gplv2-d2f8b5cdb285b72a4ed93450f6703ca27aa42e8a

sha: c386f59f8a672747dc3d0be1d4234b6039273d0e57933eb87caa20f56b9cca6d

Download Locations:




Repository Name: bitbake

Repository Location: https://git.openembedded.org/bitbake

Branch: 2.0

Tag: yocto-4.0.3

Git Revision: b8fd6f5d9959d27176ea016c249cf6d35ac8ba03

Release Artefact: bitbake-b8fd6f5d9959d27176ea016c249cf6d35ac8ba03

sha: 373818b1dee2c502264edf654d6d8f857b558865437f080e02d5ba6bb9e72cc3

Download Locations:




Repository Name: yocto-docs

Repository Location: https://git.yoctoproject.org/git/yocto-docs

Branch: kirkstone

Tag: yocto-4.0.3

Git Revision: d9b3dcf65ef25c06f552482aba460dd16862bf96



- ---------------


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Ahmed Hossam

Alejandro Hernandez Samaniego

Alex Kiernan

Alexander Kanavin

Bruce Ashfield

Chanho Park

Christoph Lauer

David Bagonyi

Dmitry Baryshkov

He Zhe

Hitendra Prajapati

Jose Quaresma

Joshua Watt

Kai Kang

Khem Raj

Lee Chee Yang

Lucas Stach

Markus Volk

Martin Jansa

Maxime Roussin-Bélanger

Michael Opdenacker

Mihai Lindner

Ming Liu

Mingli Yu

Muhammad Hamza


Pascal Bach

Paul Eggleton

Pavel Zhukov

Peter Bergin

Peter Kjellerstedt

Peter Marko


Raju Kumar Pothuraju

Richard Purdie

Robert Joslyn

Ross Burton

Sakib Sajal

Shruthi Ravichandran

Steve Sakoman


Thomas Roos

Tom Hochstein

Wentao Zhang

Yi Zhao

Yue Tao

gr embeter





- ---------------

Known Issues

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- ---------------

Security Fixes

- ---------------

binutils : CVE-2019-1010204

busybox: fix CVE-2022-30065

cups: ignore CVE-2022-26691

curl: Fix CVE-2022-32205, CVE-2022-32206, CVE-2022-32207 and CVE-2022-32208

dpkg: fix CVE-2022-1664

ghostscript: fix CVE-2022-2085

harfbuzz: fix CVE-2022-33068

libtirpc: fix CVE-2021-46828

lua: fix CVE-2022-33099

nasm: ignore CVE-2020-18974

qemu: fix CVE-2022-35414

qemu: ignore CVE-2021-20255 and CVE-2019-12067

tiff: fix CVE-2022-1354, CVE-2022-1355, CVE-2022-2056, CVE-2022-2057 and CVE-2022-2058

u-boot: fix CVE-2022-34835

unzip: fix CVE-2022-0529 and CVE-2022-0530



- ---------------


- ---------------

alsa-state: correct license

at: take tarballs from debian

base.bbclass: Correct the test for obsolete license exceptions

base/reproducible: Change Source Date Epoch generation methods

bin_package: install into base_prefix

bind: Remove legacy python3 PACKAGECONFIG code

bind: upgrade to 9.18.4

binutils: stable 2.38 branch updates

build-appliance-image: Update to kirkstone head revision

cargo_common.bbclass: enable bitbake vendoring for externalsrc

coreutils: Tweak packaging variable names for coreutils-dev

curl: backport openssl fix CN check error code

cve-check: hook cleanup to the BuildCompleted event, not CookerExit

cve-extra-exclusions: Clean up and ignore three CVEs (2xqemu and nasm)

devtool: finish: handle patching when S points to subdir of a git repo

devtool: ignore pn- overrides when determining SRC_URI overrides

docs: BB_HASHSERVE_UPSTREAM: update to new host

dropbear: break dependency on base package for -dev package

efivar: fix import functionality

encodings: update to 1.0.6

epiphany: upgrade to 42.3

externalsrc.bbclass: support crate fetcher on externalsrc

font-util: update 1.3.2 -> 1.3.3

gcc-runtime: Fix build when using gold

gcc-runtime: Fix missing MLPREFIX in debug mappings

gcc-runtime: Pass -nostartfiles when building dummy libstdc++.so

gcc: Backport a fix for gcc bug 105039

git: upgrade to v2.35.4

glib-2.0: upgrade to 2.72.3

glib-networking: upgrade to 2.72.1

glibc : stable 2.35 branch updates

glibc-tests: Avoid reproducibility issues

glibc-tests: not clear BBCLASSEXTEND

glibc: revert one upstream change to work around broken DEBUG_BUILD build

glibc: stable 2.35 branch updates

gnupg: upgrade to 2.3.7

go: upgrade to v1.17.12

gobject-introspection-data: Disable cache for g-ir-scanner

gperf: Add a patch to work around reproducibility issues

gperf: Switch to upstream patch

gst-devtools: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0-libav: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0-omx: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0-python: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0-vaapi: upgrade to 1.20.3

gstreamer1.0: upgrade to 1.20.3

gtk-doc: Remove hardcoded buildpath

harfbuzz: Fix compilation with clang

initramfs-framework: move storage mounts to actual rootfs

initscripts: run umountnfs as a KILL script

insane.bbclass: host-user-contaminated: Correct per package home path

insane: Fix buildpaths test to work with special devices

kernel-arch: Fix buildpaths leaking into external module compiles

kernel-devsrc: fix reproducibility and buildpaths QA warning

kernel-devsrc: ppc32: fix reproducibility

kernel-uboot.bbclass: Use vmlinux.initramfs when INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE set

kernel.bbclass: pass LD also in savedefconfig

libffi: fix native build being not portable

libgcc: Fix standalone target builds with usrmerge distro feature

libmodule-build-perl: Use env utility to find perl interpreter

libsoup: upgrade to 3.0.7

libuv: upgrade to 1.44.2

linux-firmware: upgrade to 20220708

linux-firwmare: restore WHENCE_CHKSUM variable

linux-yocto-rt/5.15: update to -rt48 (and fix -stable merge)

linux-yocto/5.10: fix build_OID_registry/conmakehash buildpaths warning

linux-yocto/5.10: fix buildpaths issue with gen-mach-types

linux-yocto/5.10: fix buildpaths issue with pnmtologo

linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.135

linux-yocto/5.15: drop obselete GPIO sysfs ABI

linux-yocto/5.15: fix build_OID_registry buildpaths warning

linux-yocto/5.15: fix buildpaths issue with gen-mach-types

linux-yocto/5.15: fix buildpaths issue with pnmtologo

linux-yocto/5.15: fix qemuppc buildpaths warning

linux-yocto/5.15: fix reproducibility issues

linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.59

log4cplus: upgrade to 2.0.8

lttng-modules: Fix build failure for kernel v5.15.58

lttng-modules: upgrade to 2.13.4

lua: Fix multilib buildpath reproducibility issues

mkfontscale: upgrade to 1.2.2

oe-selftest-image: Ensure the image has sftp as well as dropbear

oe-selftest: devtool: test modify git recipe building from a subdir

oeqa/runtime/scp: Disable scp test for dropbear

oeqa/runtime: add test that the kernel has CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT enabled

oeqa/sdk: drop the nativesdk-python 2.x test

openssh: Add openssh-sftp-server to openssh RDEPENDS

openssh: break dependency on base package for -dev package

openssl: update to 3.0.5

package.bbclass: Avoid stripping signed kernel modules in splitdebuginfo

package.bbclass: Fix base directory for debugsource files when using externalsrc

package.bbclass: Fix kernel source handling when not using externalsrc

package_manager/ipk: do not pipe stderr to stdout

packagegroup-core-ssh-dropbear: Add openssh-sftp-server recommendation

patch: handle if S points to a subdirectory of a git repo

perf: fix reproducibility in 5.19+

perf: fix reproduciblity in older releases of Linux

perf: sort-pmuevents: really keep array terminators

perl: don't install Makefile.old into perl-ptest

poky.conf: bump version for 4.0.3

pulseaudio: add m4-native to DEPENDS

python3: Backport patch to fix an issue in subinterpreters

qemu: Add PACKAGECONFIG for brlapi

qemu: Avoid accidental librdmacm linkage

qemu: Avoid accidental libvdeplug linkage

qemu: Fix slirp determinism issue

qemu: add PACKAGECONFIG for capstone

recipetool/devtool: Fix python egg whitespace issues in PACKAGECONFIG

ref-manual: variables: remove sphinx directive from literal block

rootfs-postcommands.bbclass: move host-user-contaminated.txt to ${S}

ruby: add PACKAGECONFIG for capstone

rust: fix issue building cross-canadian tools for aarch64 on x86_64

sanity.bbclass: Add ftps to accepted URI protocols for mirrors sanity

selftest/runtime_test/virgl: Disable for all almalinux

sstatesig: Include all dependencies in SPDX task signatures

strace: set COMPATIBLE_HOST for riscv32

systemd: Added base_bindir into pkg_postinst:udev-hwdb.

udev-extraconf/initrdscripts/parted: Rename mount.blacklist -> mount.ignorelist

udev-extraconf/mount.sh: add LABELs to mountpoints

udev-extraconf/mount.sh: ignore lvm in automount

udev-extraconf/mount.sh: only mount devices on hotplug

udev-extraconf/mount.sh: save mount name in our tmp filecache

udev-extraconf: fix some systemd automount issues

udev-extraconf: force systemd-udevd to use shared MountFlags

udev-extraconf: let automount base directory configurable

udev-extraconf:mount.sh: fix a umount issue

udev-extraconf:mount.sh: fix path mismatching issues

vala: Fix on target wrapper buildpaths issue

vala: upgrade to 0.56.2

vim: upgrade to 9.0.0063

waffle: correctly request wayland-scanner executable

webkitgtk: upgrade to 2.36.4

weston: upgrade to 10.0.1

wic/plugins/rootfs: Fix NameError for 'orig_path'

wic: fix WicError message

wireless-regdb: upgrade to 2022.06.06

xdpyinfo: upgrade to 1.3.3

xev: upgrade to 1.2.5

xf86-input-synaptics: upgrade to 1.9.2

xmodmap: upgrade to 1.0.11

xorg-app: Tweak handling of compression changes in SRC_URI

xserver-xorg: upgrade to 21.1.4

xwayland: upgrade to 22.1.3

yocto-bsps/5.10: fix buildpaths issue with gen-mach-types

yocto-bsps/5.10: fix buildpaths issue with pnmtologo

yocto-bsps/5.15: fix buildpaths issue with gen-mach-types

yocto-bsps/5.15: fix buildpaths issue with pnmtologo

yocto-bsps: buildpaths fixes

yocto-bsps: update to v5.10.130

yocto-bsps: buildpaths fixes

yocto-bsps: update to v5.15.54


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