[ANNOUNCEMENT] meta-intel 9.0 for Yocto Project "sumo" 2.5 is now available

Tracy Graydon <tracy.graydon@...>

We are pleased to announce the meta-intel 9.0 layer for the Yocto Project 2.5 “sumo" release is now available for download.

Tracy Graydon
Intel Corporation

9.0-sumo-2.5 Errata

Release Name: meta-intel-9.0-sumo-2.5
Branch: sumo
Tag: 9.0-sumo-2.5
Hash: d423576931b1d7c92939b5bc8529bc54619fa43c
md5: df29d4d5368025814dd724f287389421
Download Locations:

New Features / Enhancements
Quark has been EoL'd, and thus the intel-quark MACHINE support has been removed.

Default bootloader has been changed to systemd-boot.

Default kernel is now linux-intel-4.14.

Known Issues

Security Fixes
For Intel processor-specific security information please visit https://software.intel.com/en-us/side-channel-security-support

Method information on Intel's Security Center site:

Intel Security Center:

conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf: remove DPDK_TARGET_MACHINE
conf/machine/intel-core*: use systemd-bootdisk-microcode.wks by default
conf/machine/intel-*: remove do_image_wic depends
core-image-minimal-initramfs.bbappend: Add missing install module
core-image-tiny: Remove Quark reference and WKS file
efilinux: remove
Galileo: Remove remaining bits from RMC and WIC directory
- backport patch fixing 32-bit builds
- upgrades from: 1.19 to 1.20. 1.20 - 1.21, 1.21 - 1.22
intel-microcode: Updates to 20171117 and 20180312
intel-quark: Remove MACHINE configuration for Quark
intel-vaapi-driver: upgrades to 2.0.0 and 2.1.0
iwlwifi: remove reference to SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE
- update to v5.3.6
- cleanup recipe
- update to v4.3.4
- cleanup recipe
layer.conf: update LAYERSERIES_COMPAT variable
libyami: upgrade to 1.3.0
libyami-utils: upgrade to 1.3.0
linux-*: remove quark references from kernel
- Update 4.9 SRCREV and refactor
- fix menuconfig when host lacks ncurses
- use meta-intel-compat-kernel.inc
- Fix 32-bit perf issue
- change KBRANCH to 4.14 and update SRCREVs
- add preempt-rt recipe
- mirror new dependencies added to linux-yocto-dev
- use master cache until named branch available
- Add latest LTS kernel
linux-intel/4.14 Updates:
- v4.14.12
- v4.14.14
- v4.14.15
- v4.14.18
- v4.14.26
- v4.14.30
- v4.14.35
- v4.14.40
- Update cache and source SRCREVs
linux-intel/4.9 Updates:
- v4.9.76
- v4.9.77
- v4.9.81
- v4.9.84
- v4.9.99
linux-intel-rt/4.14 Updates:
- v4.14.24
- v4.14.29
- v4.14.34
- v4.14.40
linux-yocto: remove 4.4, 4.9, and 4.10 bbappends
linux-yocto/4.4: Update to v4.4.113
linux-yocto/4.12: use meta-intel-compat-kernel.inc instead
- update to v4.14.33
- add bbappends
linux-yocto/4.15: add bbappends
- update to current project maintainers
- Update for the removal of meta-tlk
maintainers.inc: update recipes for new maintainers
meta-intel: Reorganize the layout to remove common
- use linux-intel instead of linux-yocto in -lsb
- set default EFI_PROVIDER to systemd-boot
- Update linux-intel PREFERRED_VERSION to 4.14
- remove unreferenced xserver code
qemuboot-intel: Remove quark references
- Remove Quark references
- update bitbake and OE-core requirements
- minor edit
- update for sumo release requirements
recipes-kernel/linux: add meta-intel-compat-kernel.inc file
rmc-db: also install to /boot/
- fix bbappend file to suit latest version
- move systemd-boot.inc into base bbappend
- move commit pinning to rmc-boot.inc
- make it work with EFI image enhancements
- update to work with v237 and meson
- fix typo in license name
- update from 1.6 to 1.7.1
uefi-comboapp.bbclass: install files under pseudo
wic: add systemd-bootdisk-microcode.wks
xf86-video-mga: remove recipe from meta-intel

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