Re: [yocto] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Cedar Trail with PowerVR for Edison 6.0.1

David Stewart

This should actually read as optional for compliance with the BSP Guide. I've already asked Scott to work on an explicit list of "required" vs "optional" items to conform with the guide to make this clearer.

The Intel silicon guys do this for their BSPs for a variety of reasons. I wouldn't necessarily expect anyone else to do this.

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Please see section 1.4 of the bsp-guide
including the following text:

" Note
Pre-compiled images are bundled with a time-limited kernel that runs for a
predetermined amount of time (10 days) before it forces the system to
reboot. This limitation is meant to discourage direct redistribution of the
image. You must eventually rebuild the image if you want to remove this


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Dear Elizabeth,

In message <CAPhnLPBb-qcMq-> you wrote:

This release enables the BSP to use the latest available kernel
patches for Intel's PowerVR graphics driver. The BSP image includes
time limited kernel images for testing purposes.
This is probaby a stupid question, so I apologize in advance:

What is a time limited kernel image?

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