meta-intel 4.0 for Intel Atom SoC E3900 Family (Leaf Hill) support on Yocto Project "jethro" 2.0 is now available

Rebecca Chang Swee Fun

Hi all,


We are pleased to announce the following meta-intel BSP layers for Intel Atom SoC E3900 Family (Leaf Hill) is now available for download.


Intel Atom SoC E3900 Family (Leaf Hill) Yocto Project Version 2.0 - Jethro.


Features supported in this release:

- Linux kernel version 4.1.27

- Support integrated graphics (i915)

- Support I/O devices

- Storage: SATA, SD card, eMMC, USB 2/3 host, USB device, SPI NOR Flash

- Audio: HD Audio


- Intel® Integrated Sensor Solution

- Onboard ethernet: Intel® I210 Gigabit Ethernet

- Single display (HDMI or DP)

- Support Media Players (GStreamer-VAAPI)

- Power Management: S3, S4, S5, Intel P-state driver, S0ix

- USB dual role HW detection

- Full duplex LPSS HS-UART

Download Link:


Thank you.



Rebecca Chang

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