[ANNOUNCEMENT] meta-intel 6.0 for Skylake Halo DDR4 RVP11 (Kabylake) support on Yocto Project "morty" 2.2 is now available

Rebecca Chang Swee Fun

Hi all,


We are pleased to announce the following meta-intel BSP layers for Skylake Halo DDR4 RVP 11 is now available for download.


Intel Skylake Halo DDR4 RVP11 (Kabylake) Yocto Project Version 2.2 - Morty.

It is supported by Intel Common Core BSP.


Features supported in this release:

- Linux kernel version 4.8.0

- Support integrated graphics (i915)

- Support I/O devices - SATA, USB Host v2.0&3.0, HD Audio, EC UART

- Support Saddle Brook platform in-chip Ethernet driver: e1000e

- Support single displays (HDMI or DP)

- Support resolution for DP & HDMI (3840x2160@30Hz/4096x2160@24Hz)

- Support 2 Independent Displays (HDMI, DP)

- Support 2D HW acceleration (Cairo)

- Support 3D HW acceleration (GL4.3 and GLES2.0/3.1)

- Support HW Media acceleration (H.264, HEVC, MPEG-2, VC-1, WMV, VP8, VP9)

- Support HW Media encoding (H.264, HEVC, MPEG-2, VP8)

- Support Media Players (Gstreamer-VAAPI)


Download Link: https://www.yoctoproject.org/downloads/bsps/morty22/skylake-halo-ddr4-rvp11-kabylake


Thank you.



Rebecca Chang

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