Unable to create new project via toaster

Colin Bester

When connecting to toaster web interface and clicking on ‘New Project’ I get options to enter new project name and then radio check for import command line project and text input to import existing project directory (the screen does not include option for selecting version as help video shows).

The import text field label does not state its required but web inspector shows its required. This prevents creating a new project.

If I do supply path then I get errors along the lines of needing to supply version not supplied.

This screen differs from what I have seen in past and from help videos which clearly show drop down box of versions.

I have tried yocto-3.0, yocto-2.7 both showing same issue.

Ideas appreciated.
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Colin Bester

Appears issue was due to running Ubuntu 19.10, I downgraded to 18.04 and it’s working as expected.